More than 15K car stuck in Umm Qasr & Safwan because of Tariff & Sales Tax 9/30
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Thread: More than 15K car stuck in Umm Qasr & Safwan because of Tariff & Sales Tax 9/30

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    More than 15K car stuck in Umm Qasr & Safwan because of Tariff & Sales Tax 9/30

    Council Basra: More than 15 000 car stuck in Umm Qasr and Safwan because of multiplicative Sales

    Long-Presse / Basra - Revealed the Integrity Commission, the Council of Basra, on Wednesday, on the detention of more than 15 thousand cars in the onshore and offshore conservative outlets, for non-payment of sales resulting from the tax, thus exposing it to damage or theft in the arena of booking, warning of the possibility of recourse other methods outside the legal controls or blackmail merchants and carriers.

    The Chairman of the Integrity Committee in the province of Basra, Mohammed al-Mansoori, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "about 13 thousand cars are still being held in the streets of the port of Umm Qasr, and more on the other two thousand in the Safwan border port, due to non-payment of transporters sales tax consequential, "calling to" facilitate the procedures and stop the application of the tax at the present time, because the imposed contributes to the reluctance of traders from the southern ports."

    He added Al Mansouri, that "the detention of cars in the yards of land and sea ports offered by the damage and thefts from some weak people, because of the inaction of the government in finding appropriate solutions to the problem to the detriment of the economic situation of Basra in particular and the country in general," noting that "the imposition of sales tax and rally cars in booking lead to resort to other methods of blackmail and illegal traders and carriers."

    Dozens of traders, in (the fourteenth of September this), in front of the port Safwan border province of Basra to protest the imposition of sales tax by 15%, and in threatening to close the port in the event of non-implementation of their demands, said district director of Safwan FAQ waiting on tax and modified.

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