09/30/2015 17:52:00

Draft general budget of the federal law in 2016

Federal Ministry of Finance announced that it has submitted a draft federal budget law for 2016 to the Council of Ministers on September 2015-14, and within the time specified in the financial management and public debt Law No. (95) for the year 2004.
The ministry said in a subsidiary PUK media statement Wednesday that the law above select the Council of Ministers date (October 10) the date for the submission of the draft general budget of the federal law to the Council of Representatives for approval until the date (December 31) This reflects the Ministry of Finance's commitment to Baltoukitat specific for the preparation of the general budget and submit it to the Council of Ministers.
The statement added, was preparing the federal budget for 2016, in the light of data facto and cut public spending and reduce waste and waste of public money and diversify sources of income .. with the offer that the figures contained in adjustable budget by the Council of Ministers project also has the right to the House of Representatives based on the paragraph (ii) of Article (62) of the Constitution reduce the total amounts.