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Council Baghdad: more than a million acres in favor of agricultural investment

Tomorrow/Baghdad: the Baghdad provincial Council, disclosed Wednesday, the capital has more than 1 million acres in favor of agricultural investment, called for activating the regulators for loans by banks.

The President of the Council said Riyadh "biting back tomorrow", "develop a Committee to survey land for investment, including investment in the agricultural sector," he said, adding that "the Commission confined more than 1 million acres for investment."

He added that "those lands spread over different areas but mainly outside the capital Baghdad," pointing out that "investing in those Territories will change the reality of economic capital and service as well as reducing the workforce."

Biting back explained that "Government loans financed by the Central Bank and private sector banks including the agricultural Bank could help contribute to the activation of agricultural projects in the capital," he said, adding that "the Council will coordinate with concerned bodies to meet the needs of the borrowers."


Financial: salaries of employees ' next year

Tomorrow/Baghdad: Ministry of finance, announced Wednesday, that staff salaries will be uniform in 2016.

Deputy Finance Minister Fadhil Nabi for "tomorrow", "the Ministry in cooperation with the Finance Committee in the House of representatives is considering the possibility of consolidating Payroll", noting that "peace will include all new State employees.

The Prophet said the Ministry is seeking the guidance of the Council of Ministers to be handed over to the staff uniform dot accent", stating that "it is expected that the standardization of salaries by 2016 if approvals of fundamentalism."

The parliamentary Finance Committee formed last month, a small Committee composed of six of its members to work on amending the law of ladder staff salaries, and they set a time limit of six months for the purpose of making the necessary adjustments.