Kurds Not Part of New Russian-led Anti IS Alliance
Peshmerga not part of Russian-led coalition

Basnews views 30.09.2015 15:07

ERBIL – The Kurdish Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs has announced that it is not sharing intelligence on Islamic State (IS) with Russia or Syria, reports Iraqi news website Shafaaq.

Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria have recently created an information center in Baghdad in order to coordinate the fight against the IS, according to Russian news website Sputnik.

The information center’s main goals are to provide reconnaissance on the number of IS militants, their weapons, and their movements.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the center would begin operations in October or November and be headed by Russian, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian officers on a three-month rotational basis.

Jabar Yawar, spokesperson for the Peshmerga Ministry in a statement said that the Kurdistan Region is not a part of that coalition, noting that it was not informed about it in advance and no one asked its opinion, Shafaaq reported on Wednesday.

Russia’s parliament granted President Vladimir Putin permission to launch airstrikes against IS in Syria, Russian media reported Wednesday.