Dry: 662 death sentences have not been implemented in eight years

BAGHDAD - scales News - It revealed a member of the Commission on Human Rights Parliamentary Ashwaq dry, Wednesday, the committee held a meeting with advisers Presidency questionnaire on the reasons for delaying the implementation of death sentences, and as pointed out that presidential advisers have made an official Thaiqa number of provisions that have been implemented and not implemented, confirmed that the 662 sentenced to death It has not been implemented in eight years.

She said dry in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the President of the Republic instructed since taking office the formation of a legal committee of legal advisers in the Presidency of the Republic for the purpose of audit and study execution files contained to the presidency of the Supreme Judicial Council for the purpose of issuing decrees Republic on them."

She said, "The Commission conducted a study late for the files since 2006 and until 2014 shows that the files contained to the Presidency of the Republic, which have not been approved during this period, 662 files, 42 of them reached only since the President of the Republic Fuad Masum of office in the 24 of July 2014, and all These suits have been approved by the Court of Cassation and exhausted all legal appeals in them."

She continued, "The Presidency Council since 2006 and the year 2010 has issued several decrees Republic for a number of suits without the other, leaving the 289 files without a presidential decree issued in spite of the existence of the authorization of the Council Presidency for a vice president to issue decrees to ratify the death sentences."

She noted, "The vice president is authorized to issue decrees since 2010 and to the 2014 Mraspm issued to some of the issues without the other, leaving 331 without a dossier which issued a decree to ratify the death sentences."

She drew dry, that "the committee set up by the Presidency Council checked all binders and began developing the standards for the issuance of decrees, including precedence in sentencing and the endorsement of the Court of Cassation, it has given special priority to terrorism and crimes that affect the security of the society files."

And he confirmed a member of the Commission on Human Rights, that "the legal committee set up by the presidency council told us that the executive branch has not implemented 161 despite a provision for a long time after the issuance of the decrees did not indicate the reasons for non-implementation."

The dry, that "the President of the Republic proceeded to ratify the death sentences and issue decrees so special order of precedence in the history of litigation and the quality of terrorist crimes and those affecting the security of society."

She said dry MP, that "the Commission has demanded the Presidential Council for Human Rights Commission of the House of Representatives Bondaj general amnesty law through a joint meeting with the Committees on Human Rights and Legal Committee and the Presidential Council in preparation for approval in parliament," ./ ended