State of Law: Allawi sought to withdraw confidence from the al-Abadi at the behest of regional powers

Baghdad - INA / accused the deputy of the State of Law coalition, on Wednesday, Vice President of the Republic exempt Iyad Allawi made ​​contact with anti-government forces to withdraw confidence from the prime minister Haider al-Abadi at the behest of regional powers.

The MP said the coalition of state law Ahmed al-Badri told the "official Iraqi News Agency," that "there are some political blocs operate according to foreign orders and regional countries. There will be no stability to the country as long as those blocks receive support and funding from the states are mainly supportive of terrorism".

Badri, adding that "any events taking place in the country of the problems and misfortunes is caused by the repulsion blocs Alsaasah which comes their impact on the Iraqi street negatively and that any stability in the country is subject to joint work of the political blocs in the construction of Iraq is strong and stable politically as well as get away from the take actions agendas of foreign countries."

He revealed that "there are contacts between the Vice President Iyad Allawi, with the naysayers Abadi reforms in order to withdraw confidence from the government Abadi and a new government to come out of the current cabinet."

Badri pointed out that "those connections to the leaders of the political blocs came the orders and the suggestions foreign countries taking advantage of the slow pace of reforms adopted by Abadi and reference seriously claim that the reforms and the need to be applied."