Nashi Parliament calls for the inclusion of Eid Ghadir within the Iraqi national holidays and events

BAGHDAD - scales News - MP called on the mass of Virtue Ola return Nashi, Wednesday, the House of Representatives to include Ghadir festival within the Iraqi national holidays and occasions, for most Iraqis celebrate this religious occasion.

Nashi said in a press statement received / scales News / copy of "Eid al-Ghadeer important religious event with a large segment of Iraqi society, for Adarjh Council of Representatives within the project of public holidays and religious events law."

"We reject any delay in the approval of the draft law and we will hold the religious committee any defect in the subject, especially as it affects the school to follow the doctrine of Ahl al-Bayt, Mhnoh all Iraqis anniversary celebrations of the Islamic nation, this great anniversary." It ended 29 quarters e