The Director of the Central Bank of Iraq: Maliki ordered the appointment of four members of his party to positions within the Bank to control money laundering service!
Date: Tuesday, 29-09-2015 03:16 pm

Former Central Bank Director Sinan Al-Shabibi that former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the appointment of four members of his ruling in the Bank to dominate the Chamber.
He said that Al-Maliki appointed four of his devoted significant positions within the Central Bank and are not even affected by the competence of the Central Bank and took wildcat strike holds sway and their Manager, money laundering, legal Director, and Director of bank supervision, and Director of the economic cycle ", pointing out that" corruption is rife within the Central Bank taken by colleagues in the party. "
He noted that "money laundering" Department Manager allocate money laundering Iraq for the benefit of merchants ruling and legal Manager of gloss and Director of banks taking sells dollars to private banks associated with the ruling party and the Prime Minister, with lesser amounts of market making Iraq lose millions of dollars a day because of this corruption and smuggling Government budget funds abroad for Al-Maliki weglaozth. "
"When the Governor of the Central Bank decided to maintain their funds home theft came to him a letter from Prime Minister barred from these corrupt dimensions between lines of veiled threat" book, "when even further the first corrupt gang crazy Maliki issued by partner and friend Medhat Al Mahmoud arrest warrant for Sinan Al-Shabibi was last in Switzerland lectures on new monetary policy within international symposium of the IMF."
He was then appointed Al-Maliki his cousin Ali al-Musawi, the Governor of the Central Bank for spoiling every Iraqi State reserves of 76 billion dollars in the final days of the Dominion Government to hand over power to Abadi and Iraq budget and Central Bank reserves empty ravished to enter Iraq in a major financial crisis cannot advance after a decade even if oil prices improved today ".
Professor Kazem Jawad said, quoting Professor Sinan Al-Shabibi: "Maliki received more money from all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq" combined "leader Abdel Karim Kassem to Saddam Hussein, and did not investigate any performed to the Iraqi people and homeland, were enough to build a new homeland in accordance with the latest international standards for 30 million people live in prosperity and stability be security for all people in the world to live in."