Zamili: Experts Iranians and the Russians arrived in Iraq to begin the work of the four-party alliance


[Baghdad-where] chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting, said that: Iranian and Russian experts have arrived in Iraq, in preparation for the start of work of the four-party alliance between Iraq and Syria, Iran and Russia. "
He pointed Zamili in a press statement Monday that "Iraq has become a need to exchange experiences and information intelligence with countries, especially after it became clear that America is not serious and failed with the international coalition in the elimination of al Daash who became expands and threatens Iraq."
"We will stand with any country trying to help Iraq in its war against Daash.
"He explained Zamili whether this alliance will be a violation of the agreements that have already been held with the United States, he said," Yes, that breach, but the US government has violated these agreements, since the elements Daash able to occupies three provinces within a month only.
"The head of the Council of Ministers, Haider al-Abadi, had said earlier on Monday that Iraq had established a center for intelligence gathering to address the organization Daash terrorist cooperation with Russia, Syria, Iran and the international coalition led by the United States of America.
The operational command joint, revealed Sunday, the existence of the intelligence security cooperation with Russia, Iran and Syria in the capital Baghdad to eliminate the organization Daash terrorist, as shown that this cooperation came up with the growing Russian concern about the presence of thousands of Russian terrorists with the organization, take advantage of these efforts stressed to achieve the interest of Iraq and not to aligned to the interests of Alachrin.