Claim the presidency of parliament to activate the procedure reconciliation conference

BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah
said Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament, she addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in order to provide support to the Committee and activate its role with a view to the success of a conference of reconciliation in Iraq. A member of the committee MP Mohammed Naji military told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): The « The Commission is seeking to introduce some national parties that want to engage in the national reconciliation project and build the political process, however, that the Commission needs to be supported by the House of Representatives »He continued military that« the Commission formally addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to hold a special conference of national reconciliation and the introduction of those who want to contribute to the building the state and the new Iraq, provided that these authorities are not supportive of terrorism and is stained with the blood of innocent people ». He said committee member Hisham Abdul Malik earlier this month: The« reconciliation project a bad project for a long time, the United Nations began its activities after it was inactive with national reconciliation has been working to collect Securities of the three presidencies, because each side has as well as the United Nations Project project will be consolidated in a joint paper gathering all parties », adding that« it difficult to launch a conference bringing together components of all, because the result is far does not satisfy one of the conference will be held one case is mature and reach a solution agreed upon by everyone without exhibitions and in this case we get to genuine national reconciliation ».
The head of Iraq Scholars Mullah Khalid had called in a press statement the federal government to conduct genuine national reconciliation between moderate political and religious authorities of the Sunni community.