Parliament Minutes for 29 September 2015
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    Parliament Minutes for 29 September 2015

    House adds health minister to discuss the cholera

    Guest House of Representatives of the twenty-fourth regular Minutes, held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 224 deputies on Tuesday 29/9/2015, Ms. Minister of Health to discuss the spread of cholera disease in a number of provinces in addition to ending the second reading of two bills.

    At the outset of the session, Mr. Jubouri herein as the House of Representatives of the Iraqi people and the Muslim world on the occasion of Eid al-Adha solutions, hoping to achieve security and safety of all Iraqis, would suggest the Muslim world, the death of a number of pilgrims, including Iraqi pilgrims during the pilgrimage season, calling for the achievement of a just and transparent to know the causes of accidents I got.

    Speaker of the Parliament also gave condolences to the martyrdom of a number of Iraqis in the multiple terrorist incidents and the Council read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs.

    This was followed by the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research issued a statement publicly blessed the start of the new school year, calling on students to make efforts to raise the flag and progress in Iraq and that the professors overcoming all the difficulties, adding that the Commission will exercise its supervisory role and working on laws that serve the educational process as well as to support the reforms legislation in the educational field.

    Mr. Jubouri announced the hosting of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the Council meeting next Thursday to answer to a question submitted to him.

    The Council discussed the presence of Mrs. Adela Hammoud, Minister of Health report from the Health and Environment Committee about the spread of cholera.

    The MP Fares Albraivkana Chairman of the Committee on Health and Environment in Parliament in a speech that the committee has hosted a number of officials in the ministry carried out a number of measures to find out the reality on the ground for the spread of the disease, adding to the injury of 415 people cholera, pointing out that the Committee stressed the necessity of activating the decisions of cell crises about cholera and the launch of the financial allocations and the provision of chlorine and alum to sterilize water.

    He called Albraivkana the concerned authorities to make more efforts to contain the disease, especially the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Municipalities for drinking water provision, a proposal to establish a center to detect pristine for cholera, demanding Bastnfar government and international support in the Ministry of Health's efforts in this regard, reassuring citizens about the ability to encircle disease and reduce it.

    For her part, Ms. Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health emphasized the follow-up to the ministry to spread of the disease since the registration of suspected cases in the province of Najaf in 10 last September and subsequent spread in a number of provinces to take the ministry a number of measures including the distribution of grain water sterilization, pointing out that the ministry made a quick follow-up with the World Health Organization and UNICEF for the purpose of drinking water and grains of water sterilization after recording 21 cases in Abu Ghraib, as well as the emergence of cases in Yusufiyah and Mahmudiyah, Babil, Diwaniyah and Muthanna, Karbala, Wasit, Maysan and Basra, as well as recording 27 medical condition in the areas of Rusafa and 49 cases satisfactory in the areas of Karkh until the day of September 28.

    Ms. Minister of Health showed that the number of registered cases of the disease until yesterday amounted to 415 cases of cholera, pointing out that most of the cases corresponded to recovery, pointing out that the measures taken by the ministry to control the disease marked by the follow-up of the stomach of the annual plan on the subject and provide all medical supplies and laboratory and devices check chlorine and to provide for more than 13 million pills of water sterilization as well as field visits to areas recorded cases.

    She stressed the health minister that the ministry has strengthened work within the cell civilian crisis and coordination with the World Health Organization and UNICEF Organization and the Red Cross for the purpose of ready-water for human consumption and the emphasis on health control procedures in follow-up projects and water parks as well as coordination with the World Health Organization regarding the provision of vaccine cholera and user newly sensitive groups, which identified that dwell in camps for displaced people.

    For his part, Mr. President of the Council blamed treat the disease more on the one hand, calling for the Ministry of Municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad to submit reports to the House of Representatives for the spread of cholera.

    In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs, MP stressed Furat al-Tamimi Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes slow down the government in solving the crisis of water scarcity in the Euphrates River, which was a source of cholera infection.

    And the MP Nazem al-Saadi Chairman of the Commission services and reconstruction in Parliament that the low water levels led to the emergence and spread of cholera as well as the lack of chlorine, stressing the need for heavy water treatment before throwing it in the river, stressing the importance of accelerating dissolution of water files and projects.
    And Majida al-Tamimi MP stressed the importance for the Ministry of Health to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease before and not after, noting the need to use Iraqi competencies and expertise to address the crisis.

    He MP Abbas al-Bayati said the decision to postpone the study of the students was wrong and contrary would have been better if the students proceeded-time allowing the Ministry of visits to medical teams to schools to raise awareness and detection of the disease.

    For his part, MP Talal Zobaie pointed out that the spread of cholera due to government negligence and called for compensation for those infected with the disease of the deceased.

    MP Joseph Salioh to take tough measures, including the closure of restaurants and the coefficient of water that may contribute to the disease obtaining injuries.

    And across MP Abdul Karim Abtan surprise at the inability of the government despite the availability of funds to provide supplies of drinking water disinfection.

    MP inquired about the end of the spring of the main reasons for the spread of cholera infections pointing out that many areas of Baghdad suffer from lack of water projects.

    And it showed the MP Hanan al that the measures being taken by the Ministries of Water Resources and municipalities indicate stumbled in the provision of drinking water in the province and district, forcing citizens to use water that could lead to cholera, calling for cell functioning needed to treat the disease.

    In turn, MP Ammar Tohme proposed to host the House of Representatives for representatives of ministries and institutions involved in addressing the crisis, the fact that the fight against cholera disease borne by those entities efforts.

    And Rep. Najiba Najib noted that the presence of satisfactory cases of cholera since 2007, and so far demonstrates the government's failure to take real measures to combat the disease, asking about the ministry's plan to eradicate cholera.
    And download MP Raad Aldhlki government to clear its deficit in the treatment of metastatic disease, and wondered about the needs and services provided by the Government for the displaced in the camps.

    He called Qutaiba al-Jubouri to address the cholera across the declaration of a state of emergency and the formation of a central operations room headed by the Prime Minister that are not canceled after the eradication of the disease.

    The MP pointed Beeston just not to blame on the other hand, without even a search for necessary to limit disease treatments, calling on the authorities concerned to carry out procedures and prevention and health in schools before the start of the new academic year.

    He MP Abdullah Sirwan to spread cultural and educational curricula in schools to increase students' knowledge of the segments with respect to the prevention of diseases such as cholera.

    For his part, MP Fares Alberfkana Chairman emphasized to the Committee on Health and the Environment to withstand the Ministries of Health, municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad responsibilities in the eradication of the disease, noting the absence of any disease of cholera in the provinces of Kurdistan region, citing the Minister of Health the province, calling on the government to release allocations of the Ministry of Health to provide a hedge the epidemic spread.

    In its response to the interventions of the members of the House of Representatives, Ms. Minister of Health confirmed to do the maximum to reduce and eliminate cholera efforts, pointing out that the ministry is working since 2003 and so far to treat the disease without interruption, indicating that the lack of allocations for directorates and departments of health in all the provinces was an obstacle to take further action protection of health, noting that the declaration of a state of emergency due to the epidemic determined by the World Health Organization standards, revealing that the Ministry of Health to deliver the drinking water and chlorine to remote areas which suffer from water scarcity, as well as the closure of the health control teams for shops, restaurants violation the terms of public safety.

    In turn, Mr. Jubouri thanked the lady Adila Hammoud to attend a discussion of cholera, calling on the committees of health and the environment, services and reconstruction Alniabaten to follow up the matter with the Ministry of Health and the General Secretariat of the Council of the ministry for the purpose of encircling the disease and to take measures that limit the spread.

    On the other hand, a majority House of Representatives voted to form a committee to support the temporary parliamentary popular crowd and security forces and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes.

    Mr. President of the Council announced the postponement of the questioning of the Minister of Defense to order the third Saturday of the month of October at his request because he is busy matters related to military aspects.
    On the other hand, the Board completed the second reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

    In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs on the Convention, MP Hassan Khalati expressed support to pass the agreement being granted the power to Iraq to get rid of organic materials.

    MP Jawad al reduction of unfair imports of materials harmful to the environment and public health.

    The Council also completed the second reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Rotterdam Convention on the Law on Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain chemicals and pesticides in international trade of dangerous pests.

    In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs on the Convention, stressed the MP Furat al-Tamimi on the need for the agreement is to reduce pests plaguing the agricultural sector.

    For his part, MP Khalaf Abdul Samad to follow the course of the investigative work of the Commission on the incident of the attack on the House of Representatives in the Ministry of Education

    Then it decided to adjourn the meeting until Thursday 1/10/2015

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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