Kurdistan National Congress ends with the election of 15 new leadership, including Feeli

Twilight News / ended the Kurdistan National Congress, the 15th conference, with the participation of 44 political parties Kordstania, and representatives of organizations in the Belgian capital Brussels.

And through the work of the 15th Congress, which lasted three days was elected a co-presidency, and the new leadership and the Office, and the Office of the formation of a transitional body composed of 50 members.

At the end of the conference has been elected new joint presidency, the two (Nolover Koc and Ribawar Rashid), also was elected a new leadership body of the National Conference of Kurdistan illusion, (Adam ozone, Zubair Aider, Berhad, Dilshad Othman, Kamran Mraiwana, Tahir Kamali Zadeh, Znokol Krpolowcla, Yılmaz GŁney, Rafik al-Ghafur, a civilian Faraho, Yerevan happy, Jian Muhammad, Jalal Naqshbandi, Abdul Karim Omar, Saleh capable, d. Hirsch Omar, Rashid Rudy King, Zainab Murad (Feeli), Cicek Yildiz).

According to information obtained by Twilight News, the new leadership Murad Philly media activist and independent living in Sweden.

And took the 15th conference of the National Conference of Kurdistan a number of resolutions and recommendations, the most important, the transfer of the work of the Kurdistan National Congress Centre of Europe to Kurdistan.