In exclusive interview to Iraqi: Chalabi reveals a major corruption files Mali 9/28
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Thread: In exclusive interview to Iraqi: Chalabi reveals a major corruption files Mali 9/28

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    In exclusive interview to Iraqi: Chalabi reveals a major corruption files Mali 9/28

    In an exclusive interview to Iraqi .. Chalabi reveals a major corruption files Mali

    According to a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Ahmad Chalabi in an exclusive introduced by the Iraqi satellite channel a few days ago that the economic situation in Iraq began to worsen and complicated predicted dire consequences if the government failed to take corrective action is urgent.

    He called Chalabi, who first appeared on the official channel after what he described as the province as a result of the previous government's policies, to take bold decisions and change people from their positions and take a series of measures against those who contributed to wasting public money and sowed financial corruption.

    permeated the meeting, a lot of important information pertaining to administrative corruption during the years of the rule of the eight banter and methods of theft of public money and transfer trillions of dinars out Iraq, with the blessing of the governor of the current Iraqi Central Bank.

    Chalabi said the cause of the economic collapse is the period of rule from 2006 to 2014 where he entered Iraq $ 551 billion and the government has imported a total of $ 115 billion and the central bank sold to banks and civil amount of $ 312 billion.

    He added: This the amount of wasted ($ 312 billion), he could build a cash reserve and assume the previous government and the central bank responsible for this waste, where I grew up on the track gangs control the price of the dollar.

    He said Chalabi: big money entering Iraq valuable in 2008 and sales of central bank began in 2006 was $ 7.7 billion and then in 2007 was $ 15 billion and then became $ 25 billion in 2008 and arrived in 2013 to $ 53 billion. Total sale of dollars is estimated at 57%, which entered Iraq. And now in 2015 it increased about 100%, or during the eight months past, the central bank sold dollars more than what entered Iraq of dollars.

    He pointed out that the administrator is all cabinet members during the eight years of the government Joker noting as an example in the year 2011 on 29 March, Council of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 93: decided based on the recommendations of the Energy Committee of the same day (March 29) Based on the recommendations of the Minister of Electricity of the same day (March 29) decided to buy generators produce 5,000 megawatts of five companies (the house of the elite and the banks of the Rivers do not have any experience in the field of electricity and three other companies), and two months later canceled these contracts and brought a second contract with two companies, one Canadian and one German also Alquha later due to lack of expertise in the field of electricity.

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