Jaafari in UN summit: Iraq is exposed to terrorism threatens the achievements
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Thread: Jaafari in UN summit: Iraq is exposed to terrorism threatens the achievements

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    Jaafari in UN summit: Iraq is exposed to terrorism threatens the achievements

    Jaafari in a UN summit: Iraq is exposed to terrorism threatens the achievements and requires the attention of the international community

    [Baghdad-where] - Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari warned of exposure to the achievements of Iraq because of the threat of terrorist attack taking place.

    Jaafari said in a speech Iraq, which he delivered at the World Summit on the agenda for development beyond 2015 at United Nations Headquarters New York, said that "my country, Iraq is under fierce terrorist attack of a transboundary nature, and the capabilities of financing an unprecedented threats to the peace and internal security in Iraq and the world, and that destroys the achievements achieved by Iraq in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and the integration of environmental dimensions, and economic, social and sustainable development, particularly the eradication of extreme poverty.

    "He added that" my experiences this barbaric attack infidels led entity Daash terrorist and terrorist groups collaborating with him on behalf of the community International that he must take into account the extraordinary situation through which Iraq; being one of the countries in special circumstances requiring the attention of the international community.

    "He pointed out that" this global summit bearing the hopes, big ambitions meant to rise to the magnitude of the challenges, and obstacles that stand in the way of countries towards sustainable development of the three dimensions, and in an integrated manner, and balanced, and I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, who gave us a full report on the role of the United Nations in the next fifteen years.

    "He said al-Jaafari," he It is a pleasure, and the pleasure to represent my country, Iraq on this historic day for human civilization; for today we will decide what the interests of the present generation, and subsequent generations, then the generations that their success will depend on maintaining the human inheritance, and deliver it to future generations about our commitments to the protection of our planet , and funding to achieve justice between the haves and the have-nots; the perception is based on the science of what should be the future, and an effective treatment for life's challenges, particularly global terrorism, and climate change.

    "He said that" today's world may be different from what it was before seventy years, however, there are many great similarity is still before us, The lack of true equality among nations in economic terms, and basic services, economic well-being is still present in the developing countries, particularly in the least developed countries, on the other hand that many countries could not as a result of the challenges, and obstacles several to achieve the development goals set out internationally, including the Millennium Development Goals.
    he explained Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that "In spite of the efforts made ​​by Member States of the United Nations over the past fifteen years, but we are still suffering from the global challenges require global efforts, a real partnership and clearly defined, and supported by international funding, and means of implementation subject to the mechanisms of control, and follow up to see progress.

    "And that," Perhaps the most important of these challenges is the lack of global security; because of terrorism and extremism, and wars that have transformed the safe communities to communities dominated by frustration , fear, unemployment, disease, and poverty.

    "He said al-Jaafari welcomed Iraq" as stated in the declaration of recognition of the impact of peace and security on the overall activities, and sustainable development projects in the countries, and it is difficult to achieve the internationally agreed development goals, including the goals of sustainable development without the presence of security and peace, as we appreciate the reference to migrants and displaced situation internally, and investment in infrastructure.

    "He said: We believe that the importance of official development assistance is to be of a very significant impact in the field of infrastructure projects, especially in countries that suffer from the effects of conventional wars, or the war on global terrorism that destroyed the infrastructure in cities dominated by, and we welcome what has been achieved from the effort, ambitious undertakings in Addis Ababa Conference in July last, which indicates a clear understanding of the challenges of sustainable development.

    "He pointed out that the Iraqi delegation at this summit," sees the need to implement the commitments that the World Conference on an urgent basis for countries in special circumstances of a security nature, or environmental in the financing of infrastructure projects destroyed by wars, terrorism, natural disasters, and the face of refugees and displaced persons crisis internally."

    He said al-Jaafari said that" strengthening devices The United Nations, its specialized agencies, particularly the United Nations system for development is essential in the implementation of the development agenda beyond 2015, we are in front of a passing challenges to the limits in terms of their nature, and aspirations, and ambitions, all of which require a global system more transparent, consistent, and coherent human-centered , and serves to provide possible conditions to achieve sustainable development, and that global challenges require global solutions, and institutions is characterized by its work in harmony, and integration is working to mobilize governmental and non-governmental organizations of various efforts; in order to address them in a constructive manner, and sustainable."

    He called on the Iraqi foreign minister of the United Nations to be "Be open in rallying financial resources for financing, and maintain at the same time on the intergovernmental nature of her as an organization of Member States, and subject to post regularly, and effective by its Member States."

    He added, "The right to development is facing an international obstacles, and national to an end Whether; and in order to apply the right question to be removing those obstacles in a balanced manner based on human rights, and to be the center of development is human, and the goal of welfare. "He said al-Jaafari said the Iraqi delegation" believes that commerce and industry are Mordan prerequisites must be imbedded engine for economic growth through integrate into the multilateral trading system, and to facilitate the accession of developing countries, especially the least developed countries to the World Trade Organization, as well as to strengthen national capacities in the field of domestic industry, and export; in order to strengthen and diversify funding sources, and diversification of the national economy."

    He stressed," The cooperation International in the area of technology transfer, deployment, and transfer of information through social networks is one of the most important tools by which to promote and facilitate citizens' access to the right information, and reliable to achieve sustainable development; and in order to fight terrorism and extremism intellectually, and to promote moderate concepts religiously and eliminate the infidels ideas that have wreaked havoc, and delayed many countries for the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals."

    He noted," Dr. emphasize the importance of national capacity-building, particularly in the promotion, and modernization of tax systems, and the elimination of the phenomenon of tax evasion, and the expansion of al-Qaeda tax, and collect the necessary local resources for the implementation of sustainable development goals."

    Jaafari said" Iraq believes that the allocation of funds for financing sustainable development, effective implementation of what was agreed upon requires the existence of a database up to date, and reliable; to enable decision-makers, and policies to make the right decision; and Here we have to build the capacity of developing countries in the field of statistics by strengthening the national statistical agencies' ability to collect, and compile information based on various statistical indicators to be agreed upon later in the beginning of next year."

    He explained that" the process of developing statistical goals indicators, and the goals of sustainable development must take into account the equal importance of all the objectives, and to be consistent with each other, and that is characterized by concise to lack of technical capacity to produce indicators to measure characterized as often and diversity, and it should not affect the status of policies in countries tools, and that the results of the progress made ​​to reflect."

    concluded Jaafari his speech by saying: that Iraq highly appreciates the commitments, financial commitments, and the aid provided by several friendly countries, international donors, and United Nations specialized agencies in addressing humanitarian crises, particularly the displaced, whose number exceeded two million crisis, and emerging from the terrorist attacks of entity Daash terrorist ; thus the abandonment of the people of their cities, and livelihoods, and the impact on the development of the areas occupied by that terrorist entity ".anthy

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