Presidency: new draft of national reconciliation be put after the Fiesta

The Presidency announced Friday the launch of a project for national reconciliation, saying it will put the project on political blocs after the feast. Spokesman Khaled shawani, Presidency in a press statement that the Presidency will launch a national reconciliation project that will be put to the heads of political blocs for the purpose of adoption and then scurrying for the remote implementation. He added that a draft national reconciliation had been prepared by a Special Committee and direct supervision of the President of the Republic, and was taking advantage of some of the projects that have been submitted by several parties and personalities the President met and formed the idea. He stressed that an integrated project and shawani multilateral and be put to the heads of political blocs at the meeting by the President of the Republic, noting that the project will present in the coming period there will be a meeting for the purpose of adoption, and then starting it.
The difference in this project from previous projects, as they were targeting meetings of political forces, this project includes several hubs in political, social, religious, economic, legislative and legal level, so its a big difference from previous projects.

With regard to the cost of the project amounts, spokesman of the Presidency that it is not true to say that there is $ 20 billion will be spent on reconciliation, the project has been prepared by a Committee of advisers to the Presidency and did not cost the State any charges and would be meeting with the heads of political blocs, and this project will be the basis for national reconciliation. l