Deputy for law requires states that have lost pilgrims incident Mona sue Saudi Arabia in international courts


BAGHDAD / ... MP for the rule of law Star Ghanem, Sunday, states that the incident of lost pilgrims stampede in Mina, Makkah filed lawsuits against Saudi Arabia in the international courts. Ghanem said in a statement received "eye Iraq News," a copy of it, "We support the idea of a pilgrimage affairs under the planning and management of the Organization of the Islamic Conference after Mona incident, criticized the Saudi side management for the pilgrimage season this year." He called on "countries that lost citizens in a stampede in Mina to" do not bargain on the blood of their children and to take serious positions against Saudi Arabia, including lawsuits in international courts. " Ghanem added that "the Saudi regime seeks to disrupt the unity of the Islamic unity through fatwas and Aadh Takfiris witnessed by the sermon for the pilgrimage this year."