Allawi scheme with the help of al-Maliki to overthrow al-Abadi
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Thread: Allawi scheme with the help of al-Maliki to overthrow al-Abadi

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    Allawi scheme with the help of al-Maliki to overthrow al-Abadi

    Allawi scheme with the help of al-Maliki to overthrow Balebadi

    Palm-seeking strong political An Iraqi Government is satisfied with recent reforms to replace the prime minister Haider al-Abadi through coordination with the leaders of the National Alliance.

    A source in the National Alliance, which belongs to al-Abbadi of the existence of contacts between the Vice President article Ayad Allawi and a number of leaders of the Alliance affected by government reforms, in an attempt to raise the issue of no-confidence in the government-Abadi, and replace it with a new government run National Alliance president, being a largest bloc which won the recent parliamentary elections.

    He said during a media interview that these parties took advantage of the slow implementation of reforms and unpopular momentum in favor of the prime minister, and demands religious authority in Najaf, the need to speed up the implementation of packets Reformation and not wasting time.

    In a related context, Kadhim al-Shammari member of the Iraqi parliament from the national coalition, headed by Iyad Allawi, that "confirmed the mass conducted dialogues with the parties in the National Alliance is convinced that the prime minister is unable to reform, after its uniqueness in some of the decisions and bypassed the law and the Constitution."

    He said the prime minister can not exempt the Vice-Presidents of the Republic, because the Law No. 1 for the year 2011 brought by the Constitution to be the Vice-President or more systems.

    "The parliament was silent on measures Abadi interest of the political process," noting that silence was necessary at the beginning to talk about reforms in order to avoid major crises in the country.

    He acknowledged, spokesman for the National Alliance, Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum criticized the existence of reformist steps launched by al-Abadi, adding, "but they do not live up to demand the overthrow of the President of the government."

    A coalition of state law refused to let him Iyad Allawi to replace Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, noting that this call serves the enemies of Iraq

    He called National coalition leader Iyad Allawi, on Saturday, led by the National Alliance to reconsider the formation of the executive branch and to assign a new prime minister instead of al-Abadi, warning in a statement of the seriousness of the phase current and the challenges experienced by the country, and called for a strong popular movement involvement in the new government , as well as political entities players.

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