Barzani: Options of the four parties concerning the presidency of the region unrealistic

Shafaq News / The head of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani on Sunday the options put forward by the four parties in front of the Democratic Party for the presidency of the Kurdistan Region "strange and unrealistic."

Barzani said during the inauguration of President of the World Assyrian Church of the East in Arbil ceremony, said that, as provided by the four parties of options regarding the presidency of the region to the Kurdistan Democratic Party replaced surprising, adding that the election of the president of the province by the people give him the legitimacy and authority of more on the contrary, if elected under dome of the parliament.

He added that this issue President Massoud Barzani does not belong only, expressing wishes that are dealing with the issue of presidency of the region in a realistic way, and take into account the interests of the Kurdistan Region in it.

He said Barzani that what has been put forward by the parties in this regard are not able to resolve the outstanding issues, adding that the dialogue between the parties remains the most effective solution to resolve the issue of the presidency of the region