People crowd announce the launch of "zero hour" and threatens to bomb US troops

The official spokesman for the military wing of the Badr Organization Reza al-Tamimi revealed that operations creep wide for the Liberation of Anbar city will be launched in the next few days following Eid al-Adha specifically and denied entry by US forces on the front line said it would be in the range of crowd fire and the resistance factions once existed on Earth.

And between al-Tamimi, a large crawl, practical and wide will be witnessed the battle by the secretary troops and the crowd popular to cleanse the full Anbar province from al Daash indicating that the operations would begin far-day Eid al-Adha in particular with the full mobilization and readiness by all factions of the popular crowd upcoming process.

Tamimi said that intensive surveys by the popular crowd so far not detected the presence of foreign troops on the ground is that they spotted the aircraft lay down weapons and aid to terrorist organization with Daash did not rule out bringing in Alliance for launchers and cannons in order to hit the popular crowd.

For his part, he said a spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger Radio tow that the role of the international coalition is limited to air strikes, training and counseling.

He denied the introduction of military equipment belonging to those troops to Anbar, and stressing at the same time on the set for the Liberation of maintaining military plans going planned and are being destroyed weapons stores and points of the terrorist organization to weaken the strength among the existence provides security forces from some areas.

The band announced the seventh army commander Maj. Gen. Abdul-Zobaie Naumann, on Sunday, on the participation of rocket and artillery battles against the international coalition "Daash" in Anbar.