Why al-Jaafri said in a speech before the United Nations Iraq ..?

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Sunday, the international community to assess the "special case" that Iraq is going through, calling for international coordination to face challenges.

Jaafari said in a speech Iraq address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, said that "the international community to appreciate the special situation through which Iraq faces being a terrorist organization Daash behalf of the world", adding that "the country is facing a fierce attack."

He said al-Jaafari, to "organize Daash terrorist attacks have caused the displacement of two million people from their homes and their areas," pointing out that "the challenges we face require international coordination being a cross-border".

Iraq has been an extraordinary security situation, as military operations continue to expel "Daash" of areas where the spread, as the international coalition carried out air strikes targeting the organization sites in those areas expect casualties in its ranks.