Expectations of a federal budget of 113 trillion dinars

Including the Kurdistan oil revenues

09/26/2015 21:28

I expected the Iraqis Economists Association, that the total federal budget for 2016 (113) trillion dinars, as pointed out that the size of the estimated revenue will amount to 84 trillion dinars.

"Said Vice President of the Assembly, on behalf of Antoine, in a press statement, I followed (Basenyoz), said that" the draft 2016 budget put at 100 billion dollars, or approximately 113 trillion dinars, not 84 trillion dinars, "noting that" the size of the revenue will amount to 84 trillion dinars, of which 70 trillion dinars oil revenue and 14 trillion dinars non-oil revenues."

He said, adding," The price of oil specified b $ 45 a barrel, and the rate of export 3.6 million barrels of which 250 000 barrels of oil from the Kurdistan Region and 300 000 barrels of Kirkuk ", stressing that the" rent-seeking accreditation constitutes the bulk of the budget. "