Maliki: Iraqi sovereignty is a red line

Roudao - Agencies - President of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki said on Saturday 26/9/2015 in a speech during a tribal conference in support of the army and the crowd People in Karbala, "The sovereignty of Iraq obsession we all well we build our pride and our dignity and without them we are an occupied country tampered with Abusers", stressing the need " maintaining sovereignty being one of the holy sites and the red lines that should not be compromised. "

He said al-Maliki, said: "This is the democracy that we called them all, and funds the elections that gave these results and in the light of which the decision was political, I must respect them," stressing that "there is no marginalization but there is a desire in the forefront of regional countries do not want the best for Iraq, and also some Partners who are still breathe the Baath Party and its ideas and want to come back the past. "

He said al-Maliki, "they realize that we will not retreat and will not give up in terms of the regiments of volunteers who endowed to defend Iraq and its holy places," adding that "there is a new malicious movement to eliminate the popular crowd being has become a symbol of strength and unity and stability, through distortion accusations void left by the political schemes ".

The head of a coalition of state law that "conspiracies headed today toward division, once under the National Guard cover, and the other under the marginalization spoken a few handful of politicians address and not all Iraqis from people of other components," and wondered, "Where is the marginalization in the current government, Previous governments, which have not devoid of Sunnis and Kurds and the rest of the ingredients? ".

Maliki and pointed out that "the weapon in our hands and will fund the elections would never back out of such Acharazm that filled the land of Iraq martyrs of the sons of the various components," stressing that "Iraq is indivisible being intertwined with his children and Ashairh and holy places and everything, and we will resist the division and defend the unity of Iraq with all our strength, because our motto unitary and not divisive nor Anzoaiaa. "