Chalabi warns of worsening financial and economic situation in Iraq within weeks
Tarikh التحر6 2015/9/2

The parliamentary Finance Committee warned Ahmed Chalabi of the worsening financial and economic situation in the country unless swift and serious reforms in the coming weeks.
Chalabi said in an interview televised each agency followed Iraq [in]: "the economic situation is worsening and is complicated and there are dire consequences if things are being repaired quickly and grandfather during weeks take bold decisions and change people and tackling corruption and taking action against waste of public money".
Chalabi said: "without urgent remedial action Iraq would turn to the International Monetary Fund which in turn sitab actions prejudicial to the interests of the people of Iraq as a ration card cancellation and raise fuel prices as well as the separation of corporate self-financing on the State budget".
In another meeting, Chalabi predicted that "the Government is facing great difficulties in providing employees and meet its obligations."
Chalabi also carry responsibility for the fallout from the collapse of the financial structure of the country's previous Government and the Central Bank as "bands" that control the market price.
He said that "because of the economic meltdown is a term from 2006 to 2014 age entered Iraq $ 551 billion dollars and the Government has imported a total of 115 billion dollars, the Central Bank sold to the NCB amount 312 billion dollars, adding:" this amount wasted (312 billion dollars) have been able to build a cash reserve.
Chalabi revealed: "political parties put pressure on the Central Bank to increase allocations to meet auction amounts there are notes within the Central Bank in the names of politicians from the House of representatives and the Government." end quote