Mohammad Jafar: National Guard will pass the law after the feast

Sat, 26 Sep 2015 14:20:59

National Alliance MP Jassim Mohammed said on Sunday, the National Guard, the law will be passed after the feast. Said Jassim said in a statement received "agency Sama Baghdad news" that "the National Alliance agreed on the final version of the law, noting that" the national forces Union are refusing to approval. "He added that" the National Alliance refuses to divide Iraq into its rulers and its military forces. "He said Jassim to "we want to guard nationally shared by all the Iraqi people just like any other security institutions either to impose the will of a second formation of forces and the governments of the governorates is something wrong." It was the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi is on the eighth of September of this, withdrew the draft National Guard Law of the table acts of Parliament, until a necessary by amendments so as not to overdo security accomplishments of the crowd People and security forces and preserve their rights and be legally acceptable to all, in line with Salim al-President of the Parliament. According to a parliamentary source. The Hamoudi stressed on the ninth of September, the House of Representatives. " will not vote on the draft National Guard law unless kept pace with the size of the victories achieved by the crowd People and security forces and preserves their full rights. "The National Alliance MP Abbas chart, hinted legislation of a special law for the sons of the popular crowd to save their rights, explaining to [where], that" National Guard law must do justice to the sons of the popular crowd and if not we will have to redress legislation of their own law preserves the rights and honors their martyrs as well as the estimated values ​​the sacrifices and efforts