Fatlawi buy confidentially holdings belonging to former President Saddam Hussein

Department: Published on the political scene: Today, 19:20 September 26, 2015

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: detection of early Saturday, a political source, from the head of the mass will of MP Hanan al buy a set of holdings of former President Saddam Hussein.
The source for "Sky Press," "The President will block the MP Hanan al has purchased a group of holdings of former President Saddam Hussein was shown for sale in Dubai amount of money more than seven hundred thousand dollars and transfer confidentially to Iraq."
The source, who requested anonymity, said, "The Fatlawi bought these acquisitions after its presentation in a special exhibition of belongings back to Arab leaders past and present, including Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi and Sultan Qaboos and a number of Arab kings and princes, but Fatlawi focused on the group that returns the former Iraqi president." .
He pointed out that "these acquisitions include pens, rings, watches and clocks made of opal white, gold, cigarettes, cans sunglasses from brands and designs specially made for a rare tyrant buried."
The organization of the protocol official of the former regime of Saddam Hussein (Haitham Rashid) introduced a set of collectibles and belongings of Saddam Hussein, it had collected during the 20 years he spent in his service, for sale in a special exhibition in the city of Dubai.