The Times: Iraqi soldiers are leaving the military and joining Bovwag refugees to Europe

Twilight News British newspaper The Times
/ she said that soldiers in the Iraqi army left the ranks of the army and joined the Bovwag refugees to Europe, hanging on the matter by referring to the case of Qasim soldier who was wounded twice during the defense of the major Iraqi oil refineries in the face of progress militants, "the organization Daash", decided to evacuated to leave and join Bovwag immigrants to Europe."

The paper that the denominator is not an isolated case, but there are many similar cases of soldiers in the Iraqi army decided to immigration, which raises serious questions about the Western-backed Iraqi army's ability to cope with "organizing Daash".

The many Western reports about the same thing in light of the big battles of the Iraqi army to restore areas dominated by the organization of the Islamic state, known as "Daash", to no avail --end.