Transport Minister discusses the creation of 10 innings hotel and commercial mall

Twilight News / Discuss Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, a number of investment projects for the General Company for Railways, which was highlighted by the construction of hotel and commercial mall.

According to a statement issued on Saturday by the Information Office of the Minister of Transport, said that al-Zubaidi, visited the General Company for Railways headquarters and met with its Director General, its staff and engineering.

The statement added that al-Zubaidi discussed in detail the following investment projects Railway: line Karbala - Najaf, line Falmjh - Basra, line monorail and tram of the draft Basmajh residential until World station (commentator), and the creation of hotel of 10 innings and shopping mall co-operation for the benefit of the railway.

The statement continued that he has to discuss additional flights to transport passengers from Basra to Karbala and vice versa as well as the transfer of scrap from all regions to the Ministry of Industry by the recent agreement between the ministers of transport, industry, noting that al-Zubaidi, a look at the maps and charts so special.

The al-Zubaidi, had confirmed last month after a wave of demonstrations carried out by Mnspo railway company "the importance of approaching all relevant ministries regarding the coordination with the railway to ensure fast and safe transportation for their products operations and its cargo, which provides increased financial resources for the railways."