Benefit: investment is the only way to lift the country's economic growth
September 26, 2015

Prime Minister's Advisor on Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance Saturday, investment protection is the only way of lifting the country's economic growth.
Saleh said he followed "our economy" newsletter "investment protection is a key issue and an important fact that the country has no alternative to economic growth and higher rates of development balstthmarat.
He added that foreign investment is hampered today considerable constraints notably corruption, stressing that "fighting Iraq investment equivalent to terrorism which attacks the country."
"Any positive trend in investment protection is a war on terrorism and raising the level of development in the country."
And on investment loans granted by the State of agriculture and industry, said the Prime Minister, as "the tributary streams of advancing economy which should be exploited by the State and the beneficiaries of the Foundation for the development of national production and raise it to the required level, stressing the need to turn them into" productive investments to commodities. "