Abadi office: Do not caving in to the corruption mafia wants to block reforms

09/26/2015 14:44

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi when he talks about the difficulty of the way the reforms are not intended shirk it or go back on these reforms.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Office spokesman said Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi personalities collide mafias and corruption affected by the reforms carried out by".

He said al-Hadithi in a press statement I followed "obelisk", "The prime minister Haider al-Abadi when he talks about the difficulty of the way the reforms are not intended that he disavow or retract these reforms, but wants to send the first two letters of public opinion and the citizens that he will not back down through the chosen believed to be the right and only way to rebuild the Iraqi state on the basis of sound provide a decent life for citizens and elevate the level of performance and at the same time hit the corruption and the corrupt Iraqi economy and address the modern scientific way. "

Seeking parties and blocks of political to discredit the reforms, said a spokesman for a large political bloc last Thursday that his bloc will not be silent if touched by the reforms, while the vice president called the article Iyad Allawi to Yigal Prime Minister, "I really appreciate" the Abadi in the government administration, so he said .

The newborn, according to satellite "direction" of Iraq, .. "The other message, it is for the parties and those who seek or are trying to obstruct the curriculum reform and put obstacles by way of the Prime Minister in this direction, but he will not back down and is moving forward with whatever tabbed this matter."

He pointed Hadithi said Abadi "is well aware that the path of reform is not a bed of roses, but is full of obstacles and bumps and challenges but he is determined with confidence and insistence to go ahead with it and will not back them, and emphasizes that the Iraqi citizens already deserve to live a better life and that is no way to achieve this unless of During the reform to move forward. "

He said the prime minister "is well aware that the reform means that the collision forces and parties and figures and mafia corruption and gangs of organized crime and when applied reform, it is these parties hurt and hurting them and all that was aspiring to him by enriching the expense of public money and the launch of the hands of organized crime and corruption and to achieve self-interest at the expense of the citizen. "

According to a spokesman for the prime minister's office said Abadi "wants to say that these pose a threat to the draft reform and his personal life, because their interests are at stake and they will not stand idly by as he tries to put public opinion and the citizens in what is happening."

He added, "Abadi confirms that the reforms past and that patience and time factors are essential to achieve the reforms and that he must take adequate opportunity and the citizen that understands that the rush will not be an option right and gradual reforms that follow the stages which is manned by Abadi and is based on the foundations of a solid and durable, not the reforms that address an immediate problem, but put on a well-established and fixed paths of state institutions in the future and in the long term. "

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said last Monday that "reforms may cost us our lives, and it is the alternative dictatorship and chaos", stressing that "the reforms remains to repair the political track, and we're going out."