Reference: refraction of any battles will be reflected on everyone will benefit 9/25
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Thread: Reference: refraction of any battles will be reflected on everyone will benefit 9/25

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    Reference: refraction of any battles will be reflected on everyone will benefit 9/25

    Reference: refraction of any battles will be reflected on everyone will benefit from the mind remorse reform

    Baghdad and babysit - warned supreme religious authority of the loss of everyone in case of any breakage battles against terrorism, "stressing" the need to implement reforms."

    The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai in the Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif "is still the battle with terror Daash gangs represent a major priority for the Iraqis, because its results are directly affect the present and future is here to be the perpetuation of attention momentum victories achieved during the last period and maintain the numerical and moral balance of the fighters in the armed forces and supported by volunteers and members of the tribes."

    He added, "If Iraq today faces challenges and difficulties at the levels of various financial Kalazmh and the battle with corruption and political quota system owners piled on the privileges and so on, this whole does not justify any decline in interest in combat effort in the fight against terrorism Aldaasha".

    He stressed Karbalai that "coordination and cooperation between the leaders of combat troops in various titles is one of the important foundations for success in this battle and we have to intuit all and know that in the light of this, that this battle but national and fateful battle and the success which is a success for all and that any refraction will deliver Ptavath and Tdaeith Everyone present and future."

    He pointed out that "sustain the support and backing of the fighters in terms of weapons or logistical support or providing volunteers salaries and the families of martyrs, or ensure that the treatment of the wounded and so is a matter of utmost importance in these conditions and expectations of the various government agencies to harness the potential available for the war effort and to help the armed forces in the fronts fighting as the hopefuls of citizens that can afford Iqmwa including the moral and material support to those dearest. "

    He invited the representative of reference "Almighty who blessed them with plenty of money to take the initiative to take care of combatants and spend of that which God gave them to their families and the families of martyrs and pledge to treat the wounded ease the burden placed on the mantle."

    He noted, "We have talked enough about the urgent need for reform and the importance of expediting the fight against corruption in various state institutions and is the responsibility of the three legislative, executive and judicial authorities."

    He Karbalai "today point out that the need for economic and administrative reform has become more obvious and more urgent in light of the sharp decline in oil prices predicted by many experts not rise significantly in the coming years, leading to increased pressure on the Iraqi economy and warn of the consequences of Gore commendable for the country."

    He stressed "the renewal of the consideration of the financial policies of the government and economists puts the appropriate solutions protect against the Iraqi people are conditions more difficult than the status quo, but it definitely will not benefit any solutions before being reform government institutions significantly and made the fight against corruption seriously."

    The representative of the supreme religious authority "that reform is linked in part to some and can not differentiate between state institutions in the reform process must be carried out in all judicially and legislatively and administratively."

    He said: to know some who are reluctant to reform and betting that the claims be afraid that reform is necessary to Amehas of them and if you are afraid to claim them manifestations of these days they will return in the last time the strongest and a much wider and lattes while Mendm ".

    And the spread of the cholera epidemic Karbalai called on citizens to the need for prevention measures, saying the commitment announced in recent days about a cholera outbreak in several areas in Iraq and the concerned authorities to take some measures to control it and control. "

    He added that "those who care about is alliances citizens to the importance of the care of the things that reduce the risk of this deadly disease is the most important experts say is the lack of contaminated water use and limiting Lamia drinking sterile water and avoid drinking river water and wash fruits and vegetables that are eaten with sterile water and wash your hands before preparing food, before eating and after using the health facilities It is essential that citizens care about the instructions for the prevention of this dangerous disease to protect themselves from injury Bh.a /
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