Iraq calling for the framing of regional cooperation to prevent the smuggling of antiquities legally and revaluation of international law

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, during the Forum's Asian heritage and the protection of monuments in Ninohiurk held under the slogan [culture under threat, to the framing of regional cooperation to prevent the smuggling of antiquities "legally", and re-evaluation of private international law to protect human inheritance.
Jaafari said, during his speech at the forum that "all trace of civilization is a fount human participants; and then target Daash; to break down the sources of human culture, and this loss can not be compensated for Iraq, and for humanity as a whole; which requires addressed through measures effective and in accordance with Security Council resolution No. 2199, which has become an anchor in international legitimacy, and that Member States need to return stolen antiquities to Iraq. "
"We believe that an effective response to the smuggling of antiquities, and illicit trafficking, and protection work involves the following tracks, the first track: prevent intermediary parties of the transfer of cultural property from the source countries of the victim to reach countries across the tightening of legal proceedings, and claim intermediaries, notably the role of auction sales , and traders artistic antiques, and art collectors, and professionals of museums to provide documents and certificates of origin to prevent the smuggling of Iraqi cultural property, and the second path: that the legal framing of regional cooperation is mainly to prevent the smuggling of antiquities from the occupied territories by the entity Daash terrorist, especially the cooperation of neighboring countries through tightening procedures at border crossing points. "
"The law is not the gospel, not the Torah, and the Koran but it is of the human condition, and is certain to humans level, and develops the evolution of humans, and the evolution of his experiences; therefore it is wrong to prepare the beginning of each law it will remain steady like a mountain, and as depth ocean forever, the law changed and it develops; so we must take the law as keep pace with, and add to it what should be accompanied by humans developments with these recent developments; so we must re-examine the laws are, and we are working to make them responsive to the achievement of the legitimate humanitarian objectives, and at the same time respond to the serious challenges. "
Jaafari and pointed out that "the legal supervision contributes to the creation of regional cooperation, especially the cooperation of neighboring countries, and here highlights the role and contribution of experts, international and legal experts to develop ways, road legal protection of monuments in particular that the world is witnessing an expansion of these criminal activities, and acknowledging all the moral responsibility of states, and legal for the protection of monuments as part of the cultural heritage, "explaining that" the third track: Reset the international legal regime governing the protection of human heritage, and cultural various characteristics unique to assess, through the following: encourage States to continue to conduct follow-up, and foreign exchange control, and archaeological materials, and cultural looted, or stolen, and return them to their native habitat. "
He continued, "I looked very much in the title" Culture Forum under threat ", and found wise to dismantle vehicles, in my perception that terrorism is now aimed at breaking down the last of civilization, history, and the abolition of the present, and the threat of the future; therefore welcome, and I will bless what he said one of the ministers: These are anti-history, of course, a nation that loses its history loses her memory; and then can not afford to continue their movement, as well as to resume the movement again. "
He stressed that "the suffering of the cultural heritage in Iraq is targeting to the headwaters of the global culture, is not a delusion, nor claim that Iraq is the cradle of world civilization; since 6000 years and the memory of Iraq is stored for each of civilizations in the world she was born in Mesopotamia area, and these are targeting Iraq; because they want to Ajtthoa that the assets of civilization, humanity, culture, and foster a spirit of barbarism, and fighting ", adding that" the time has come to embrace the projects rather than to hear from time to time theories is an important condition to turn into a work of projects. "
He noted the foreign minister that "our people in Iraq touches touching the hand of violations on the ground, and offers his children, and his daughters, and his children, and all potential victims in Iraq must touch something that hard work, and the reaction by all the world, so long as terrorism being targeted all of us must be our response in response represents us all against terrorism, terrorism globalized multi violations, where the violation of the child, and women, and the Sheikh, and large, and small, wealth, and transplantation, and water, everything violator by terrorism, is a multi-violations, and multi-areas, which is not the Iraqis, not Asian , not a European, is all in a globalized world; so you must multiple all of our responses, and the fight against organized around this contemporary epidemic, which aimed at destroying the world. "
He noted that "the suffering of the heritage in Iraq at the hands of Daash gangs of looting, cultural and smuggling of all kinds of archaeological sites, museums, and libraries, everything is like stocks culture, and knowledge is targeted by Daash; so is the insistence on the destruction of the global culture; It represents the diversity of human culture, and the basis of peaceful coexistence. "
And he saw "there is a relationship between the cultural impact, the heritage and the history of the country as it is the plant when pulled up by certain land, or certain agricultural ground, and moved to another floor can not give their implications and consequences as you can not to the pyramids of Egypt to have real value only in the land of Egypt ; because they are inspired by the Egyptian environment, and Egyptian history. And say like that in Iraqi antiquities in the marshes of Amarah, Basra and Nasiriyah, it is the effects of telling the story, and reflect subconsciously or consciously civilization that country, and give a new overtones, but they are all inspired by that environment, "adding to the importance of "making the international legal obligations regarding the more detailed legal provision provided by the national judge, and encourage States to sign, join, and the ratification of international agreements in force concerning the protection of monuments, cultural and civilizational and human heritage."
He added that "Iraq's efforts with the Federal Republic of Germany with the support of UNESCO culminated in the issuance of the General Assembly Resolution No. 281 dated 05/28/2015 entitled [to save Iraq's cultural heritage], which emphasized the following: emphasis on the protection of human cultural heritage from attacks by Daash the cultural heritage, the Convention and stated on several war crimes, and that the protection and preservation of world heritage is a responsibility of all States, and to emphasize the need for the perpetrators of such crimes, and prevent them from escaping from the just punishment accounting, and finally, the challenge we face now is the recovery of artifacts smuggled, and repair what was destroyed them; to preserve the World Heritage which embodies the same time, identity, and values ​​the diversity of Iraqi society. "
He said al-Jaafari, "There is no doubt that the world today is facing an acute attack, and fierce, and Mahionh by Daash, all legal actions must be taken, and all our meetings should be piles of real presence, and effective, and we want to support the people affected, the victims. And Iraq in the first line of contact in This confrontation, must feel them, I repeat what I have said on more than one conference: that when they threaten the sanctity of the country do not have people on the ground only, but people find it, and find the people of the whole world stands with the people that ".