Electricity session: we need $ 194 million to rehabilitate two units are working at half power

Electricity announced session manager Hamid Obaid Khudair, on Friday, the station need to be $ 194 million for the rehabilitation of two units are working at half their energies, pointing to the existence of plans for the maintenance of the two units.

Said Khudair in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The session station is one of the important and strategic stations that feed the national system and the design capacity of 600 MW," noting that "the plant consists of four units, the third and fourth Italian-made, fifth and sixth German-made."

Khudair and added that "the station suffers from obsolescence in units that have been installed since 1978, and therefore, what currently is produced from the station just 400 MW."

Khudair and pointed out that "the station plans to program maintenance of the third and fourth of the two units and the two are working at 50% of design capacity as a result of aging boilers and control systems and control the units," noting that "the two units that needed to $ 194 million in order to reach energy Altsamamh".

The Ministry of Electricity announced, on Thursday, all placed extraordinary plan to provide electricity during the Eid al-Adha, and as pointed out that low temperatures led to an improvement in the energy, showed that the electrical system is still devoid 2000 MW due to lack of fuel.

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