Assad lead the Eid prayer and adviser talking about the US understanding Russian political solution

DAMASCUS time - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Thursday led Eid prayers in a small mosque in Damascus amid a large presence of the imams of the Ministry of Religious Endowments.

Confirmed Shaaban, adviser of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of a "tacit understanding" between Russia and the United States to reach a solution to the conflict witnessed in her country since more than four years, according to official media moved Thursday's remarks.

Said Shaaban said in an interview with the Syrian state television on Wednesday evening, published the official Syrian news agency "SANA" excerpts of which Thursday, "There is a trend in the current US administration to find a solution to the crisis in Syria, there is a tacit understanding between the United States and Russia in order to reach this solution."

She noted "the existence of approval of the US that Russia knowledge of the area and assess the situation better," adding that "the international climate in which we are witnessing today is a vector climate of detente towards solving the crisis in Syria."

Shaaban and talked about "the decline in Western attitudes" on a solution in Syria, which is witnessing a dispute caused since mid-March 2011 deaths of more than 240 000 people and displaced millions of people inside and outside the country.

French President Francois Hollande called on Wednesday from Brussels to organize a new UN conference on Syria after the conferences in January 2012 and February 2013 and known as the "Geneva 1" and "Geneva 2". But he ruled out any role for Assad in the transition.

In contrast, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Thursday for Assad to engage in any negotiations aimed at ending the conflict.

And all the previous failed initiatives proposed by the United Nations or the major powers to put an end to the Syrian conflict.Geneva conference -1 and -2 Geneva did not reach conclusive results because of a dispute over the fate of Assad.

These attitudes and coincides with the entry of Russia military conflict on the line by increasing its military support for the forces of what constitutes system according to experts, a new phase in the Syrian conflict.

And renewed Shaaban referred to as "there can not be a political solution to the crisis in Syria to the elimination of terrorism."

Syria insists on the primacy of "anti-terrorism" before embarking on any political solution.

Assad said in an earlier interview that "any initiative (for a solution) which is not the fight against terrorism as a priority item of no value."