Washington looming withdraw its troops from Iraq

Ramallah - minimum home - Agencies - Washington has threatened, Baghdad to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory when exposed to attacks directly or indirectly.The US did not stop the threat to withdraw troops but exceeded for the withdrawal of US-led international coalition to confront Daash, foreshadowing what if it happens Panevrat hold this alliance.

He told US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the message transfer the US ambassador to Baghdad, that certain information has confirmed the existence of plans to carry out attacks on US troops in Iraq, blaming the full responsibility for any attack suffered by the Iraqi government soldiers, as told «Okaz »official in the office of the Iraqi Council of Ministers.

The source confirmed that Carter not only the letter but the threat had spoken by telephone with al-Abadi and his Iraqi counterpart, Khaled al-Obeidi in this regard, but the source did not disclose the content of the two calls.

The leaders of the popular crowd held several secret meetings to discuss the expansion of the US military intervention in Iraqi affairs, announced its opposition in the wake of the United States to raise the number of troops in Iraq.

He considered that this expansion is threatening to re-occupation of Iraq, and that the acceptance of the crowd to the presence of elements of the US on the basis of the operating room management does not impose a new military policy on Iraq.

Reliable sources revealed for «Okaz», that leaders in the crowd and some of the leaders of armed groups vowed US forces if it approached the battle to liberate Al-Anbar.