Reference: Opponents of reform claim to know that it will return more power and broader

Karbala - scales News - The representative of the supreme religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, on Friday, calling for reform that will return more power and broadened, and as the government called for a review of financial policy, pointed to the need to take steps of reform in all state institutions.

Said Karbalai during Friday prayers in the courtyard Husseini al-Sharif pursued / scales News /, "we today point out that the need for economic and administrative reform has become more pronounced and stress pressing in light of the drop in oil prices Experts not rise predicted in the coming years will lead to increase pressure on the Iraqi economy and the consequences of undesirable for the country."

The representative of the upper reference, that "in light of these expectations has to be state-of-the renewal of considering financial Bssayastha and experts put solutions protect against the Iraqi people of the situation more difficult than the current situation," noting that, "any solutions do not work, if not reform government institutions and the fight against corruption where in earnest in all the judicial, legislative and executive institutions."

He said the representative of the supreme reference, that "some people to know who oppose reform and betting that afraid claims that the implementation of reforms should be unavoidable", stressing that "if eased demands for reform in the current period, it will return in the last time a broader and much stronger and lattes while Mendm". It ended 29/28