Al-Bayati: support the government's reforms and expose defiant

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - leader of the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati stressed that the call reference in support of the reform will be translated into positions of supporting the process of the reform movement in Ebadi.

He said al-Bayati's (IMN) that "the government if it wants to strengthen citizen's confidence in the political system has to be the success of the reform movement," noting that "the reform movement is the only way left for the sake of the sustainability of the political process more abundantly."

He added that "the success of the political process and the political system in overcoming crises depends on the success of the reform movement through which enhance citizens' confidence in the system," persisting "The government is faced with two choices only two, while the success of the reform movement or go to chaos."

Al-Bayati said that "the reform movement and the challenges imposed by the offerings of objectivity and negative accumulations in previous years," pointing out that "the Prime Minister expose the opposition parties to the reform process, to teach people who do not want to achieve their legitimate demands."

Confirmed Friday the religious authority, the importance of supporting the momentum of victories the security forces and the popular crowd Daash against terrorist gangs, calling on the government to reconsider fiscal policy.