A member of the parliamentary Economy: Investment pass the first session of parliament after the Eid Law

Most likely a member of the economic and investment commission full parliamentary Ghurery, that the House vote on the draft amendment to the Investment Law Minutes after the Eid al-Adha. Said Ghurery, told all of Iraq [where], that "the Committee emphasized the investment law, and in the first session of the House of Representatives will vote on this law, and openness to foreign and Iraqi companies to invest and open large and medium projects in the country." He stressed that "the economic and investment commission interested the private sector and how to work it, and the opening of some of the projects and factories idle during these years and bring Iraqis and foreign investors, "noting" there would be a consensus among foreign and Iraqi companies to invest in projects and the elimination of unemployment, according to the new law.

"He noted Ghurery that" the Iraqi economy depends on policy oil. If it happens rise in oil prices, it will lead to increase the budget for the coming years, but if oil prices stay this course and continued the conspiracy hatched on the Iraqi oil policy, there is no improvement in the country's economy.

"The Committee on the economy and investment representative, confirmed on 18 September this, importance of the draft investment law, being supported by public and private sectors, where she said a member of the Committee Najiba Najib's [where], "The investment law is very important during the current situation because the country is facing major economic challenges, particularly the lack of cash and the balance loaded with heavy burdens, including war and displaced expenses operational and salaries high, "asserting that" this law will address a lot of problems, including large projects financing.

"It is said that, the House of Representatives decided during its meeting held on 16 September of this, throughout the project the second amendment to the Investment Law No. 13 of Law 2006 to after Eid al-Adha holiday for the existence of Legal notices Holh.