Vice-President of the Republic challenged the decision of dismissal ... and Abadi and infallible reached a constitutional way out

Political parties confirm the continuation of dialogue between the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic to find a constitutional way out of the dismissal of the last Congress, in spite of the criticism addressed to the first against the backdrop of the decision taken in isolation. Parties revealed that some Vice-Presidents of the Republic of appeal against the decision to cancel their positions issued by the Prime Minister in August. And stresses the need for the parties to the decision letter addressed to the President of the Republic Parliament to scrap the three positions. The House voted unanimously, on 11 August, on the first package of government reforms that have been under the dismissal of the Vice-President of the Republic from office.

He says the National Alliance MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum that "the mandate he received the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi by the House of Representatives, in last August to implement and papers reform and parliamentary government, some paragraphs need legal legislation in Parliament.

"He added Bahr al-Ulum, said in an interview with the (range)," The decision to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act by the Council of Ministers came complement the reforms made ​​by the Abadi the aim of harmony with the Constitution and the law.

"He continued, spokesman for the National Alliance, saying that" the bill abolishing the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act will be included on the agenda of the meetings agenda after the Eid in order to speed up the legislation. " The new recall that "some reforms need to legislation laws to address them constitutionally."
In spite of the House vote to abolish the post of the Vice-President of the Republic, but the three deputies continue practicing daily their business, and enjoy the same previous privileges.
And attached Uloum by saying that "this issue touches President of the Republic and needs to take his consent in these reforms and thus there must be a message by President Fuad Masum to Parliament urging him to legislation to cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act.

"confirms leader of the National Alliance," and there is constant contact, over the past periods, brought together President of the Republic Fuad Masum, with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "likely to be the subject abolish the post of Vice-Presidents at the heart of these discussions.
According to the Law of the Vice President of the Republic, No. 1 of 2011 in force, the exemption of the Vice-Presidents are either at the request submitted by the President to the House of Representatives to exempt one of his deputies, or the accountability of Parliament to the Vice President and then a majority vote on his removal from office.

reveals Bahr al-Ulum that "some of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic made ​​an appeal to the Federal Court on dismissed by the Prime Minister because they considered it unconstitutional."
turn confirms the judge Wael Abdul Latif, Deputy Minister Former "the need to harmonize all the reforms carried out by the head of government with the Constitution and the law."
He said Abdul Latif, told the (range), that "the election of the President of the Republic Act, which began in Parliament in 2011, requires the election of one or more Deputy President of the Republic and that is associated with acceptance or exempted from office with the consent of the President and the House of Representatives.

"He said former MP saying that" authorized the House of Representatives for the Prime Minister to dismiss the Vice-President of the Republic must be coupled with the approval of the President of the Republic ", adding that" the Council of Ministers violates the Constitution through interventions that get here and there.

"political and striking visual that" Article 86 of the Constitution recommends the implementation of a law that regulates the number of ministries and the powers of every minister and terms of reference of the ministry, "noting that" this law is disabled because of the political will, which means that we will notice the feminine operations in the current and next and previous governments.
"affirms Judge Wael Abdul Latif that "the law will eliminate the reform processes that may collide backward political wishes."