Barzani declares adherence to the position of the Kurdistan presidency, calling for the adoption of the election of President mechanism (MALIKI'S PAPER)

Kurdish exchange deal with Daash result in a press launch in Syria. The head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, on Wednesday, he was at a time when the Kurdish people are going through a sensitive stage, what should have been dealing with the issue of presidency of the province in this format and deepening crises and harm to the security and stability of the people. Barzani said in a congratulatory message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha that he did his duty placed upon himself with regard to the issue of the presidency of the region and called for elections before the end of the period of its mandate, adding that the elections are not held.
He said he already demanded from the parties and the parliament several times that this issue is resolved, but he did not not him also as a result of, stressing that he did not ask to stay in office in any way.
He said he rejects all opinions that you think that there is no alternative for him to take office, expressing concern at the prolongation of this situation and that the people of Kurdistan were tired of them is entitled to blame Political parties, especially that deep crises besieging the Kurdistan Kalmhclat with Baghdad and economic crisis and falling oil prices and waves of immigrants and, above all, a war "Daash."
He added that this was on the parties and parliament to take into account these crises and talk about this issue in a more appropriate, noting that opportunities access to the solution were many before 23 June. On the other hand released organizing Daash yesterday in Syria photojournalist Kurd, he was detained and his fellow end of last year, in an exchange of prisoners of operation, and arrested the extremist organization mid-December 2014 photographer Massoud Aqeel and his colleague Farhad fierce, two of Syria's Kurds, on the international road between Qamishli and Tel Hamis in northeastern Syria, according to a statement to Channel Rudaw Iraqi Kurdish own which was journalists hold an investigation for its own account. But the channel pointed out that the "fierce and Aqeel journalists are independent and not part of the channel staff." A source at the channel told AFP Wednesday that "Aqeel was released yesterday (Tuesday) in the process of exchange of prisoners took place between units of Kurdish fighters in Syria and organize Daash", ie the organization of the Islamic state. He said, "Massoud spent the whole night in Tel Alkojrh area with militants units Kurdish sent him then to his family in the city of Qamishli, where he is now. "He noted that" the fate of the journalist Farhad fierceness is still unknown. "The organization" Reporters without Borders "and based in Paris, demanded the immediate release of the journalists, describing the areas controlled by the organization Islamic state in Syria and Iraq as one of the most dangerous five regions journalist in the world to work.

Barzani said demanded to hold presidential elections in the Kurdistan region by the end of the legal term for the presidency and you legal duty but did not get the elections. I had also called on all parties and parliament resolving this issue, and there was no result and never ask to stay in my post and I reject all statements and opinions and gossip, which says there is no alternative for me.
He expressed that he is very concerned about the continuation of this situation is no secret we have to the citizens of Kurdistan living in a state of boredom on this issue and are entitled to criticize this circumstance, which passes by the province, especially the Kurdistan live in a big, deep crises, problems with Baghdad and the economic crisis afflicting the province and the presence of a large number of displaced people in the cities of the province of Kurdistan, and most importantly of all these crises, the war imposed on us against terrorists Daash. The Kurdish parties, the Kurdistan Parliament can discuss and negotiate better on this issue and to find a solution acceptable to everyone, where the solutions and many opportunities to end this crisis by the 23 of June.
On this issue, and away from the emotions and any responses to the act, we call on all to participate in the parliament parties and all licensed parties legally from the Kurdistan Regional Government, that did not reach the meetings of the five major parties represented in the parliament and the government of the Kurdistan Region of no consequence, to meet and think carefully about finding a realistic solution to get out of this crisis, and in order not to deepen the crisis and does not create more problems in the way the war against Daash. I understand very well the meaning of the rule of law and I have to respect the law more than others, and I ask everyone, not to Akhtaiwa question of staying or not staying in the office and powers of the president election mechanism, because the mechanism of election authorities and powers of the different themes of the President.
And Barzani also suggested to all parties, he said, would have to agree to resolve the election of the president of the region and the powers of his mechanism in 2017 before the draft constitution of Kurdistan and the province of the final opinion and the final word of the people in this matter.
He said Barzani to it on this issue and away from all kinds of emotions and reflexes calls on all parties, whether to participate in the parliament or that have a work permit if they do not reach key to the outcome of the five parties in the fastest time, to meet and think carefully to find a realistic solution to the Ataatamq crises not a problem in the war against "Daash" occur.
He noted Barzani that he understands the rule of law and must respect the law more than any other person, asking not to mix the issue of survival, or whether or not the election of the prerogatives of the president mechanism because they are two issues are different.
He said Barzani that for a period of rest and the presidency of the province to decide parties as it deems appropriate and whatever the decision, whether survival in the performance of his duties until elections or agreement to assign someone else to Icon hand over Presidential Secretariat him so distracting and straining the Kurdish people do not continue this subject.
And on the migration of young people abroad said Barzani's true that there are crises, but that there is hope also must not creep despair in the soul, He is adding that he understands the demands and conditions of the youth of Kurdistan, one of the right, adding that in any case, the bosom of home warmer and the country's most beautiful.
He said hundreds of young volunteers came from abroad and left all the pleasures and helped fellow Alپeshmrگh and were willing to sacrifice their lives for their country, calling on young people rather than Think of migration from the country to be a great and important pointing out it's true that the deep crisis but solvable.
He stressed that the duty of everyone thinking in eliminating the causes of problems and at the head of the solution are involved in government, parliament and political parties.