Abadi: I can't be sacked Medhat Mahmoud

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-accused Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi said Tuesday some unnamed players trying to increase applications to embarrass the Government, "expressing optimism that the success of the original arena." Al-Ibadi underlined by a statement of the library during his answers to questions from a group of activists and civil society organizations from all provinces: "importance of encounters with fans and exchanged views with them on reforms," adding that "the reforms began andWon't back down and I am optimistic about the success of our cooperation and our determination and our patience because there is some deliberate obstacles and last result accumulations. " he added that" there are many rumors and false information circulating from social media to distort facts and these matters were raised after the reforms affecting the privileges and protections and corrupt which means that there is a deliberate campaign aimed at everything in the country, "
said Abadi" everyone understands we're at war mP enemy which requires funds to purchase weapons and gear, we also start with reforms, oil prices began to fall again and is following some thing, but determination will improve performance, develop and need some time to implement some procedures. ",

that" reform packages were interdependent, in which respect the political side by hitting quotas, administrator privileges, reducing government spending and protections,Position with regard to the administrative and economic matters and launch loans, "

adding that" if managed correctly, it will go on the right track, "the Prime Minister warned of" try the rhythm between the citizen and the security forces, "

adding that" at the same time some tries to increase applications to embarrass the Government, knowing that the price of oil down. "in reply to a question about the share of Kurdistan," s

aid Al-Abbadi with eLim Kurdistan based on the apparent agreement on that issue 550,000 barrels per month and we give them a monthly share of actual budget and not planned in case of low export will decrease for the same size reduction and did not pay them when they declined to payment and we won't go into media war with them but there are actions taken on this matter. "

and noted" the importance of Abbadi judicial reform but we respect the separation of powers, adding that the decision to review the ownership of real estate the State continue. "

on hold" whales "corruption said : I heard the cheers and the demands of the protesters who are "corrupt" judiciary reform itself and can't be dismissed, Medhat Al-Mahmoud.

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