Do you freeze Baghdad Erbil share of the budget?


Kurdistan region's share of the federal budget, it seems it will be a place of differences and cause a new crisis in the relations between the provincial government and the federal government, the crisis mainly. At a time when the Finance Committee announced in the House of Representatives , seeking to carve Kurdistan region's share of the budget, Congress in response stressed the need for the two sides commitment to the agreement of oil between them in 2015. The member of the Finance Committee for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in the block board, Abdulkadir Mohamed, said in an interview for the site of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUKcc .net), on Wednesday, September 2015 24, it expected the drafting of the budget bill at a meeting of the Council of Owlesra after the completion of the Ministry of Finance for the project, pointing out that the price of a barrel specified in the project Territory's budget law, but it may be all the points contained therein amendment , either by the Council of Ministers or by the House of Representatives, so if the Kurdistan Regional Government did not comply with general agreement in 2015 with the federal government, on the issue of oil, it is not long ago to freeze the budget of the province in the general budget of the project. "can not freeze
Kurdistan's share of the budget and to find out the legal side of the matter Can the federal government freeze the Kurdistan region's share of the budget, he said the legal expert Tareq Harb, he can return to the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to determine the provisions of the budget. He said the war in a telephone conversation with, the federal government can ensure that the budget provision for how to pay imports Kurdistan Region oil, and that the last thing can think of to cut off from the province or the financial allocations province. He said war was: if there is a debt to the province or territory can be Asthsal gradually, in case there was an economic dilemma or a financial crisis, but it can not amount to cancel all that is dedicated to the region. He believes that Erbil and Baghdad war could be returning Lei oil agreement and headquarters in the budget of 2015 law, which determines the delivery of the Kurdistan Region 550 million barrels per day, compared to the federal government is liable to pay the amounts to the region. He pointed war, he can not, but the provincial government to deliver any quantity of oil to the federal government, nor can the federal government cut off all dues provincial government, stressing that this is unexpected. He said war that the deal between the two sides will be according to the oil deliver the province of the federal government, noting that in the event that the province exported oil equivalent to 17% or more of the budget, it meets this percentage and received his share. He concluded that the war the only option that can be set in the provisions of the new budget, is to achieve and imports of the province of the budget and entitlements relationship budget on the exports of the region. Kurdistan region's share constitutional entitlement for its part, rejected member of the Economic Committee MP Najiba Najib, tying the share of the Kurdistan region to export oil. The MP Najib's, the Kurdistan region's share of the federal budget a constitutional entitlement to legal, according to the provisions of Article 121 the third paragraph, which states that allocated to the regions and provinces are a fair share of the revenues collected federally. She MP Najib that the share link to export oil, the heresy of heresies the federal government, noting that the budget bill so far to the Federal Government, expressing the belief that he will be there dialogues and negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad, to resolve this problem. It called MP Najib, the Federal Government to carry out its duties towards the people of the Kurdistan region, and understands their suffering and their problems, just like the rest of the Iraqi people. The parliamentary Finance Committee, announced on Monday, all seeking to carve out share territory Kurdistan from the federal budget for 2016 "for the lack of commitment to the region's oil agreement" with the federal government in Baghdad. The committee member said Haitham al-Jubouri in a press statement, "The draft of the Federal Ministry of Finance to balance in 2016 calculated the share of the region according to the oil agreement to export 550 000 barrels per day, but we are not convinced this because the region has failed to do in the current year budget 2015.