Urgent Barzani, the Kurdish parties: I did not ask to stay in power and is ready to hand over the post

[Baghdad-where] the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, confirmed that he is holding on to power after his term ends in 20 of last August.
Barzani said in a statement on the occasion of Eid al-Adha "While the tiger as a sensitive stage in front of the big challenges facing us, it was not necessary to deal in this way with the issue of presidency of the region, which overshadowed a negative impact on the people." He added, "you my duty to the fullest in the issue of presidency of the region, and called for elections before the end of legal term of presidency of the region, but there is no agreement on holding the elections.

"He said Barzani," I did not call on in any way, to stay in power, and I reject categorically all views, which said that there is no alternative for me in judgment the presidency of the Kurdistan region. "Addressing the Barzani Kurdish parties" for the issue of presidency of the region, Do what you think is right, regardless of the resolution, which will bring you to him, whether it was that I could in my post that starts the election, or agree among yourselves on one of the other characters betrayed him the post of presidency of the region, It is enough of our people what had befallen them during this period.
"The five Kurdish parties, the main [Kurdistan Democratic Party, and change, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Islamic Group] held a series of meetings for weeks without reaching an agreement on the mandate of the Barzani.

The parties change and the Patriotic Union and the Islamic Group and Islamic Union submitted a proposal reformer, and includes a selection of the President of the Kurdistan region by the people, to be a few of his powers and ceremonial, or that the selection of the region's president by the parliament to be his powers greater.
It examines Barzani this proposal and will submit their opinion thereon at the next meeting of these parties after the holiday Aladhy.