Albzona: Abadi, we were promised a review of the sales tax to be applied in the province of Basra ports without
Wednesday 23 September 2015 -

Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning revealed the agreement with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi review sales tax decision on the ports of Basra, which recently applied in the province without other ports among the latter decided to study the subject to take the appropriate decision.

Said Albzona in a special statement to Mrbd Following his visit to the capital of Baghdad, said al-Abadi promised to take an appropriate decision in the coming days on the sales tax is the consolidation of the decision either to apply to all ports or wait application, explaining that the Kurdistan region has not been applied in transmittance new sales that are currently applied in the tax Basra, and that such a tax be imposed on traders suppliers of goods and goods especially Tjaraalsearat deduction of sums up to half the value of the imported car.

He Albzona Abadi expressed astonishment that the subject of the tax applies only in Basra ports without other northern border crossing points.

Dozens of dealers and importers in the province of Basra they make in (14 September 2015) to demonstrate and set up tents to sit in the Safwan border port, to protest the imposition of the Ministry of Finance on a number of new tax ports include imported materials under the title (sales tax), which accounted for on the cars on the face particular, despite the introduction of the new customs tariff law stopped, while a fire broke out in the (19 September 2015) Square includes more than a thousand reserved car marginal within the port Safwan border adjacent to Kuwait, caused the burning of dozens of modern cars belonging to the traders and importers who refused to pay the new Aldharbah.