The Ministry of Transport ... Australian company (TQCSI) initiate checks on the ministry's working procedures

Under the guidance of the Minister of Transport Baqir al-Zubaidi began Company (TQCSI) Australian audit to document the work of the ministry's headquarters and measures for the purpose of obtaining the ISO certification ISO9001: 2008 through tours by the company of representatives of the above ... All accompanied by the ministry departments and Quality and the Department of Media Department of the Ministry Where the Ministry of Transport is seeking to provide its services in accordance with the international standards and specifications in order to reach to meet the needs and desires of honorable citizens through the application of quality management system in particular "work to improve and develop the system down and down to discrimination in the provision of services. Total quality and institutional development and mentions "that the company held its first meeting before beginning the tour within the ministry This meeting brought together both the Director General of Administrative and Financial Department, Mr. Mohammed Zeban and assistant general manager of the Department contracts and licenses Mr. Bassem single and director of the Department of Administration professor Nazim Hamad and representative of the company (TQCSI Australian) Mr. Soran donor Shaukat forgiving "
Given the importance of the system of quality management system in raising the level of performance and delivering high quality services have Mr. instructed the Minister of Transport for all the employees of the ministry to contribute to the serious and effective to reach the goal and commitment on our part to provide all the requirements for successful application of the system down to the government excellence in corporate performance. "

For his part, "Mr. representative of the donor company Soran Shaukat praised the performance Kabarwalraia the Ministry of Transport for their commitment to all the recommendations of the work of the quality system in accordance with the standards and specifications and international standards through the tour team in sections ministry center audited the various documents compliance with the instructions as well as learn a lot from the staff of the ministry standards and standards ISO "

At the conclusion of the round donor company and the Department of Quality held a meeting with representatives of all sections of the Ministry's headquarters to discuss some of the comments posted by the company above "and working Alyaha according to the specifications and international standards in order to implement the quality of what is the required system some of the recommendations came including a recommendation by the representative of the company Australian to grant the Ministry of Transport and ISO certificate approved by the donor company during the period of one month and submit it to Mr. Transport Minister by its representative in Iraq. "

Brief and the press center of the Ministry of Transport