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    Bgg roundtable 9/23/2015


    BGG says(1:35 PM):
    Let's get this Round Table kicked off!!

    BGG says(1:35 PM):
    I rcookie - you had the perfect start to Round Table in your commnets to me earlier...

    rcookie says(1:36 PM):
    I think the major theme for news at every level is Corruption...Corruption...Corruption!!!

    BGG says(1:37 PM):
    BGG says(1:37 PM):
    "they are attacking it on every level"...
    BGG says(1:38 PM):
    attacking coruption - this is a good thing

    rcookie says(1:38 PM):
    Counted today 12 Different Depts & Ministries with pending corruption

    BGG says(1:38 PM):
    BGG says(1:39 PM):
    I hear plenty of speculation (behind the scenes)... I rarely bother to pass as much on...
    BGG says(1:40 PM):
    however, recently (last day or two) I have been hearing as early as the 24th thru about the 29th and if they miss that one then just prior ot the UN Gen assembly - if they miss that window, no later than the end of the first week of October.
    BGG says(1:41 PM):
    LET ME BE CLEAR... this is not my opinion.
    BGG says(1:41 PM):
    in fact, the only reason I bothered to mention it - it was based on them dealing with a bit more of this corruption and then they would move ahead...
    BGG says(1:42 PM):
    which only means the purveyor of such rumor/speculation has read our Blogs and opinions carefully and jumped ahead a little :D

    rcookie says(1:42 PM):
    But BGG the AML ACt & Investment LAws ned to be fully implemented to prosecute these cases as they come into Money Laundering Courts that have been set up

    BGG says(1:43 PM):
    so I believe any of this?? Maybe 50/50...

    poppy3 says to rcookie(1:43 PM):
    why is it always a round table instead of square ?? have they been watching the corrupion in our country, they are rookies. They got training here. coruption and security there nothing to here and many other functioning countries it just a determent to their real 400 year old disputes , my opinion but i am never wrong lol,lol poppy38-|

    BGG says(1:43 PM):
    40/60 :D
    BGG says to rcookie(1:43 PM):
    I agree - I read that...
    BGG says to rcookie(1:44 PM):
    and I really think that is the key...

    rcookie says to poppy3(1:44 PM):

    rcookie says(1:45 PM):
    The committees are investigating & uncovering the sorted details but the laws have to be implemented to prosecute with the new standards applied

    BGG says to rcookie(1:45 PM):
    I was in a conversation earlier - and was asked what I thought about 2016 and then something along the lines of "what if we get to this first week of Oct - does that mean we're into 2016"???

    dinarmassa says(1:46 PM):

    BGG says(1:46 PM):
    My response was - "we will really have to get to that place and see what's been done"... I highly doubt there is any guarantee we land in 2016 without some shift in value - however, I am much more focused on these reforms and attacking corruption than anything else.
    BGG says(1:47 PM):
    the progress they make (on this corruption) will decide for me what my opinion will be....
    (1:48 PM)THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog -

    Mrs BGG says to dinarmassa(1:48 PM):

    dinarmassa says(1:48 PM):
    Isn't their fiscal year begin 10/1, thus doesn't their budget run on the fiscal year as well. At that point, doesn't the revaluation have to be implemented into the 2016 budget

    BGG says to dinarmassa(1:49 PM):
    I highly doubt any of that is fact.
    BGG says to dinarmassa(1:49 PM):
    too many "have to's" in there for my liking...

    dinarmassa says(1:49 PM):
    dinarmassa says(1:49 PM):

    quicktolegit96 says(1:49 PM):

    BGG says to dinarmassa(1:51 PM):
    when they have dealt with the theives and obstructionists - the door is open... when they move it is just a calculation. I doubt it has to parrallel a budget time-line.

    Mrs BGG says to quicktolegit96(1:51 PM):

    quicktolegit96 says(1:51 PM):

    BGG says to quicktolegit96(1:52 PM):
    I doubt that - the airstrikes (and the spectre of a coming Mosul advance) may be causing them to rethink - but it is hard to tell, from here.

    subgirl says(1:52 PM):

    quicktolegit96 says(1:52 PM):

    Mrs BGG says to subgirl(1:52 PM):

    subgirl says(1:52 PM):
    buck says(10:41 AM):
    i have a thought, we have an anti money laundering bill because of the threat from IMF. do we need more threats to get the federal court law, national guard law and amnesty laws??? anyone kow where we stand with these important laws???? thx

    this is for Buck :)

    BGG says to subgirl(1:53 PM):

    subgirl says(1:53 PM):
    He was wondering bout where the other laws stand????

    BGG says to subgirl(1:53 PM):
    tell Buck - great comment!!

    subgirl says to BGG(1:53 PM):
    do you know where the other laws stand tho?
    subgirl says to BGG(1:54 PM):
    National guard, Investment law?

    BGG says to subgirl(1:54 PM):
    I doub those three laws get done until "post-Malik" - they arrest him, they sail right through. You watch.

    subgirl says to BGG(1:54 PM):
    ok thanks :)

    BGG says to subgirl(1:54 PM):
    Investment Law may go right after the 29th (according to the news).

    subgirl says to BGG(1:55 PM):
    ? do you know what is taking so long to arrest him? He is right there???

    bluedog says to BGG(1:55 PM):
    I completely agree. Once Maliki cannot present a threat, progress will progress. Not before.

    BGG says to subgirl(1:56 PM):
    officially revoked immunity...
    BGG says to rcookie(1:57 PM):
    What is the best article today??

    subgirl says to BGG(1:57 PM):
    thank you :)

    _firefly_ says to BGG(1:57 PM):

    rcookie says(1:57 PM):
    Abadi announce new measures

    18:32 09/23/2015

    Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday, with new measures with the judges of integrity, money laundering and economic crime. Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a press statement received by the agency, "and our response," a copy of it, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi held a meeting with the judges of integrity, money laundering and economic crime, adding to tighten measures to reduce the financial and administrative corruption and speed up the resolution of the issues and the development of new strategies to assist in the process of deterring corruption and recover money stolen by corrupt ". He

    Read More at :

    BGG says(1:58 PM):

    rcookie says(1:58 PM):
    Abadi, said that "corruption terrorism of the type last and most dangerous of cancer and corrupt owners of mafias and gangs trying to buy receivables and intimidation of witnesses and confuse the freeing some minor things and we must confront them by methods contributing Brdahm and detection and arrest them and recover the money they had stolen from the state." The statement, that "It is your task to achieve justice and not allow the corrupt evasion and strike with an

    Read More at :

    BGG says(1:58 PM):
    That is the one I just tweeted about :D

    rcookie says(1:58 PM):
    iron fist on those pointing to the importance not to arrest innocent people and not notice the employee honest fear, because it will lead to failure and will lead to the loss of citizen confidence in the system and the importance of cooperation between the three authorities, and not be a conflict between them for the sake of the country. "


    Read More at :

    rcookie says(1:59 PM):
    Its putting the "read more" at the end

    BGG says to rcookie(1:59 PM):
    I know

    rcookie says(2:00 PM):
    I think they want to be sure that all the corrupt are brought to justice and the innocent not charged so a credible and uniform standard is appled to all

    BGG says to rcookie(2:00 PM):
    sonce everyone on the web copies us - I thought we ought to at least get a link out of it :D

    rcookie says(2:00 PM):

    rcookie says(2:01 PM):
    There are reports today that Integrity sent half (83) cases to Judiciary

    BGG says to rcookie(2:01 PM):
    BGG says to rcookie(2:01 PM):
    ..."and detection and arrest them and recover the money they had stolen from the state."...
    BGG says to rcookie(2:01 PM):
    they want Maliki arrested - but THEY WANT THE MONEY BACK TOO.

    samuel says(2:01 PM):
    have there been any arrests yet?

    rcookie says(2:02 PM):
    Its gonna take some time just because of the sheer numbers!

    BGG says to rcookie(2:02 PM):
    I think (my opinion)... the WB/IMF put thier foot down because...

    samuel says(2:02 PM):
    they can start with one, would like to see real teeth in this

    rcookie says(2:02 PM):
    agreed...he needs to be the posterchild for corruption erradication!

    BGG says to rcookie(2:03 PM):
    why should they swoop in and loan Iraq billions (5-10 Billion)... when Maliki may have stolen as much as 50-100 billion??

    quicktolegit96 says(2:03 PM):

    BGG says to samuel(2:04 PM):
    in the News Forum - there have been numerous arrests - I noted a biggie on THE BLOG for today...

    rcookie says(2:04 PM):
    And not enough investment protections built in to attract

    BGG says to quicktolegit96(2:04 PM):
    BGG says to rcookie(2:04 PM):
    and yes...

    jtank says(2:04 PM):
    why should he give back any money if going to jail--some of the money has a trail and I think that would be locked up already with the gov

    samuel says(2:04 PM):
    does Abaidi have clean enough hanks to realy make this go thru

    (2:04 PM)THE OBSERVER -

    rcookie says(2:04 PM):
    Customs & Health Minister today

    BGG says to samuel(2:05 PM):
    Abadi documents ordering the arrest of the Director General of Customs after being found guilty of corruption
    BGG says to samuel(2:05 PM):

    samuel says(2:05 PM):

    rcookie says(2:05 PM):
    Bribes...Forgeries of Certificates etc.......

    Mrs BGG says(2:05 PM):
    Anymore ?'s

    BGG says to rcookie(2:06 PM):
    Did you guys see that funny tweet I retweeted today??
    BGG says to rcookie(2:06 PM):
    lemme go get it...

    mimi3 says to Mrs BGG(2:07 PM):
    yes! rate and date! j/k:D

    BGG says to mimi3(2:07 PM):
    no clue...

    mimi3 says to BGG(2:07 PM):

    BGG says to mimi3(2:07 PM):
    something - at sometime... (was the plan)...

    mimi3 says to BGG(2:08 PM):

    BGG says to mimi3(2:08 PM):
    but who knows what the plan really is now - really?!?

    maine says(2:08 PM):
    or in the coming days!!

    jd says(2:08 PM):
    rate 1166 date 9/23/15

    _firefly_ says(2:08 PM):
    Jaafari up to New York to attend the General Assembly and Security Council meeting

    BGG says to mimi3(2:08 PM):
    the main thing is Corruption, corruption, corruption... they are dealing with it.

    mimi3 says(2:09 PM):
    I know!

    _firefly_ says(2:09 PM):
    World | Wed Sep 23, 2015 5:33am EDT

    Related: World
    Turkish jets pound Kurdish militant camp in northern Iraq: security sources

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:09 PM):
    these idiots can't resist the urge - can they??

    _firefly_ says(2:09 PM):
    lol, you know it

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:10 PM):
    Turkey is settling old scores...

    _firefly_ says(2:10 PM):
    Turkish jets launched air strikes on a Kurdish militant camp in northern Iraq late on Tuesday, targeting a facility being used as an "education and logistics" hub, security sources said.

    The jets took off from an air base in Diyarbakir, southeast Turkey, the sources added. Turkish security forces have regularly targeted camps belonging to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) since the collapse of a ceasefire in July.

    (Reporting by Seyhmus Cakan and Humeyra Pamuk; Writing by David Dolan; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

    _firefly_ says(2:10 PM):

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:11 PM):
    as soon as you said that though - I knew what it was...

    _firefly_ says(2:11 PM):
    interesting 2 headers

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:11 PM):

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:11 PM):
    which is sad... PKK doing business against ISIS - but Turkey JUST HAS TO BOMB THEM
    BGG says to _firefly_(2:11 PM):
    they cannot lay off.
    BGG says to _firefly_(2:12 PM):
    we should have taken Barzani up on building an airbase up there.

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:12 PM):
    They are certainly pushing it aren't they

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:12 PM):
    then none of this would be going on...

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:14 PM):
    So why is Jaafari in NY?

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:14 PM):
    Same reason Abadi will be.
    BGG says to _firefly_(2:14 PM):
    and the Pope.

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:14 PM):
    BINGO !

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:14 PM):
    UN Gen Ass'y

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:15 PM):
    Follow-up - and babysit - arrived in the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to New York to attend the session the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations, take the word Iraq in the Security Council meeting, and in the 39 th Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Group of 77, the private economic development of Member States and China.

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:15 PM):
    A statement by the Office of al-Jaafari said on Wednesday that "al-Jaafari will address Iraq in the private acts of sabotage Forum, and looting of the effects, and the presence of Arab League foreign ministers meeting, and address Iraq at the top of the development agenda, and the conference's ninth facilitating start to enter the Convention on the comprehensive nuclear test ban into force, and attend a summit of the leaders of your countries to fight Daash terrorist gangs, and participate in a meeting of peacekeeping operations, and disposal of mines, and the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, and Latin America, and address Iraq on the occasion of the World Day final of nuclear weapons to eliminate. "
    _firefly_says to BGG(2:16 PM):

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:16 PM):
    It is expected that al-Jaafari will meet at meetings with foreign ministers of Romania Bogdan Aworisko margin, and Turkey Feridun Sinarla Ihsanoglu, France, Laurent Fabius, and South Korea Yun Byung-Se, and Syria's Walid Muallem, and the Czech Republic Lubomir Zaoralek, and Finland's Timo Sweeney, Austria Sebastian Kurz, Italy Paolo Jnthelona, and Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Tunisia Tayeb Baccouche, and Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, and Armenia Edward Nalbandian, and Spain's Jose Garcia Margalo, Albania Dittmer Bocati, Mexico Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Australia Ms. Julie Bishop; to discuss bilateral relations and promotion.
    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:17 PM):
    In addition to meeting with the High Commissioner for Human Rights to the United Nations, Prince Zeid bin Hussein, and represented by foreign policy and the security of the European Union Ms. Federica Mgrena, and the representative of the Secretary-General for children in Ms. Leila Zerrougui of armed conflict, and the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mr. Yukiya Amano, Executive Director the Office of the fight against terrorism by the United Nations Jean-Paul Laborde, and the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Dr. Iyad Madani bin.
    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:17 PM):
    It is likely that al-Jaafari attend the meetings to be conducted by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with Jordan's King Abdullah II of Jordan, Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam, and Iranian President Hassan Rohani, and US Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

    BGG says(2:18 PM):
    here is a great translated article!!

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:18 PM):
    US Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:19 PM):
    Sounds like a pretty serious meeting to me !

    BGG says(2:20 PM):
    here is the translated article I mentioned...
    BGG says(2:20 PM):

    (2:21 PM)THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog -

    mimi3 says to BGG(2:21 PM):

    dinarforme says(2:21 PM):

    jd says(2:22 PM):
    Does it sound like a human rights group or a financial group of dignataries??

    rcookie says to BGG(2:22 PM):

    BGG says(2:22 PM):
    I have been sitting here laughing so hard I'm in tears...
    BGG says(2:22 PM):
    still a little hard to breathe...

    hawk says(2:22 PM):

    jackflash101st says(2:23 PM):

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:23 PM):
    lol that's hillarious

    Doodle Brain says(2:23 PM):

    jackflash101st says(2:23 PM):
    Funniest thing i've seen all day

    Doodle Brain says(2:24 PM):
    I am SOO putting that on my FB page!

    BGG says(2:24 PM):
    Is that not the funniest...

    Cricket22 says to Doodle Brain(2:24 PM):
    Me too :D

    sheila3 says(2:24 PM):
    that is so funny :D

    BGG says to _firefly_(2:25 PM):
    THanks so much firefly!!

    rcookie says to BGG(2:25 PM):
    Glad I wasnt drinking anything!

    Doodle Brain says(2:25 PM):
    I needed that laugh today!

    _firefly_ says to BGG(2:25 PM):

    maine says(2:25 PM):

    clay says to BGG(2:25 PM):
    that was great (lol)

    BGG says(2:25 PM):
    Thought you guys would enjoy the humor...

    maine says(2:25 PM):
    i am afraid to put it out! i will be accused of being biased but it is so so funny!

    BGG says(2:26 PM):
    Great note to end on this afternoon.

    mimi3 says(2:26 PM):
    I agree maine!

    maine says(2:26 PM):

    BGG says to maine(2:26 PM):
    Thanks to everyone who came in - helped - tuned in and helped out - you guys are awesome!!

    Mrs BGG says(2:27 PM):
    Thank you sheila for copying!!

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