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The Minister of industry with shell, total French petrochemical project in two separate


Industry and mining Minister Mohamed Al-daradji's owner on Tuesday with a delegation from the global shell implemented the project of establishing a petrochemical complex in Basra, submit work completion of the project, as discussed in a separate interview with total construction giant petrochemical production in the province, saying the Ministry's readiness to conclude a contract with the company to implement the project. The Ministry statement said, "the range" that Al-daraji "met at the Ministry's headquarters, the delegation headed by Hans global shell kaimb Vice President in Iraq, to discuss the progress of work on the project to establish a petrochemical complex in Basra province at a cost of $ 11 billion in partnership with the Ministry of industry and minerals.

The statement quoted Minister Al-daraji, reaffirmed "its full support for the success of this huge project which is one of the largest projects in the region, with a high economic yield projects on Basra and Iraq, as well as its contribution to reducing unemployment rate by providing at least 50,000 jobs. Adding support for the State of Iraq to foreign investment. Hans kaimb said, according to the statement, that "shell is serious about the implementation of this project, work is ongoing with the Ministry of industry and minerals through direct meetings with the competent Committee for follow-up to the stages of project completion, which will be a pioneer in the production of petrochemicals production capacity estimated at one million and eight hundred thousand tons per year. Kaimb reviewed the table of progress of work on the project during the current year and subsequent years which includes the allocation of land and provide project services and other measures related to the agreement with global companies to import equipment project and other details.
Industry Ministry announced on 13 August, prepared and shell, to create a "shared" to implement the petrochemical complex project in Basrah governorate. In the same context the Ministry of industry and minerals, the conclusion of the contract of partnership with total global construction giant petrochemical production.
The Ministry statement said, "the range" copy that "Al-daradji also met, in the Ministry's headquarters in Baghdad delegation total, during a meeting to discuss the creation of a giant project to produce petrochemicals."

The statement quoted Minister Al-daraji said that the aim of the visit total "discuss petrochemical project partnership, noting that efforts focus on the diversification of income sources in Iraq and take advantage of local products such as oil and gas, converted to plastic materials they wanted in the world, in addition to extract fuel to run power stations and cooking gas after burning it but it is better to turn to industrial materials."

He added that "the success of the project will bring significant economic payoff by providing hard currency to the country through investment", stating that "the project in Basra in Iraq in terms of repercussions to contain oil and gas sources and increasing labour as well as views on maritime ports, and may match between sides of the project. The statement noted "the readiness of the Ministry to enter into a partnership with the French company for the Totale giant project for petrochemical production.
Recall that, Ministry of industry signed on 29 January an agreement with Shell International to create complex "beacon" for the petrochemicals worth 11 billion dollars in Basra, southern Iraq, during the five years, noting that the project will make Iraq the largest producer of petrochemicals in the Middle East.