Economist: fiscal policy in Iraq proved the Iraqi government to change Vhalha..ually

09.23.2015 at 13:15 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Said economist Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, Wednesday, that the fiscal policy in Iraq has proved its failure through currency conversion out of Iraq, as the government called for a change its policy direction.

Shammari said L / scales News / "The fiscal policy in Iraq has proved its failure and is very large, considering that billions go annually to the outside without any accountability," noting that "the auction sale of the currency led to Iraq's entry of new Bmhalk over who is suffering from."

He said economic expert that "the auction currency must be imported official and genuine documents while now is a fraud and mafia corruption huge as well as the mafias money laundering and moved out of Iraq," calling at the same time the Iraqi government to "change the fiscal policy and interest money Iraq so as not to Conversion is one out of the country, but official documents and fundamentalist documented. "

It is said that "the House of Representatives at its meeting voice, earlier, on paragraph 22 of the Money Laundering Act."

The "leader of the National Alliance and the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parliament accused Ahmad Chalabi, earlier, the President of the Court of obstructing the resumption of Rusafa 2500 case involving money laundering in exchange for tens of real estate in Lebanon and the Gulf," .anthy 29/4 e