Money laundering tribunal investigating the origin of the false certificates of contracting companies with the Ministry of Health


(Independent) .. specialized court said claims of integrity, money laundering and economic crime as check in forty suit in forged certificates of origin contracting companies with the Iraqi government, indicating that most related to the Ministry of Health.

An investigative judge in the court of money laundering Iyad Muhsin ligature and said that "a group of contracting with Iraqi ministries companies submitted false certificates of origin," pointing out that "after the contract has been replaced by another cargo is provided by certificates of origin."

Ligature and pointed out that "a large part of the certificate of origin was submitted to the General Company for the marketing of medicines in the Ministry of Health, and the importance of this topic and its association with people's lives, the Court attaches great importance."

"We have been cooperating with the Ministry of Health and is still under investigation in order to refer the providers of these certificates to the competent courts."

The judge noted that money laundering "The court is currently investigating the fortieth suit belonging to these certificates." (End)