Higher prices in the market exhausts the family budget

Eid al-Adha coincided with the start of the school yearSmall seemed to liven up the ten years delighted a holiday dress volatility in one of the Arab market shops, as well as buy waistcoat school white shirt also because the start of the school year will be just after the Eid holiday, but said sadly that her mother would buy her shoes and one of the festival and for the time in school to higher prices.

Synchronization of Eid al-Adha with the beginning of the new school year to make citizens go to the markets and malls to buy Xota feast, school and worthy Mounasptin as well as stationery that center used private laboratories to attract the attention of students younger than colored pencils and folders Pens forms beautiful and fees and school bags, so we found markets crowded with people purchasing groceries from both equality, and the other malls are experiencing frequent shoppers, and the market has seen the sacrifice is also high prices of sheep and cows, and this certainly means stressful for the family budget, which complain of financial hardship because of fiscal austerity experienced by the country.

And Chiramwalimh Majida (or joy) that small dress, which she bought from the Arab market price of 25 thousand dinars, and the shoe at a price of 15 000 dinars with the knowledge that the Arab market is one of the wholesale markets of less than prices for the rest of the market, while the stationery indicate parameter that she forced her children to use books distributed by school administrations which is good, but the students want to Flaunt among themselves to buy supplies for the color but it is not necessary especially for families with a large number of students.

And confirms that the prices of school books are expensive and starts from 500 dinars to 3 thousand dinars, school bags are also expensive starting from 3-10 thousand dinars.

Shorja markets
Shorja markets and the Arab market meant many Baghdadis, especially low-income owners in all occasions they combine household needs and clothing in all its diversity as well as shoes, bags, stationery and all the school supplies. Joy was visible on the faces of young people who were together with their parents as opposed to the frustration and anger that coated the faces of the parents in this popular market heritage.

We were waiting employee Jabbar Abdul Abbas to ask about prices Vobdy displeasure of traders who take advantage of holidays and occasions to raise prices, especially stationery them and this tires and exhausts the family budget, especially for the owners of low-income who have children are demanding and want to buy it in every occasion.

He says Abdul Abbas: that prices (expensive) Valsrwal jeans for children 10 years old no less than 25 000 dinars shirt and white school 10 000 dinars, and the shoe 15 000 dinars and remain catastrophe if you have three children, the study of age along with holiday clothes and belongings of sweets, cakes and pastries, including the Alklijh .

Employee Sarmad Khalid asked him about his opinion prices which Atda in Shorja market Vojabna saying: «The prices are very high and private holiday requirements including vocabulary Alklijh and found a kilo nut at a price of 20 000 dinars and bags each of pasteurized milk at the price of 3.5 thousand dinars, as well as tea bags and coffee, either cherries are you interested in my wife, there are three degrees of them, but the first class and her grandmother at a price of 20 000 dinars.

The owner of a clothing of all kinds, including school clothes in Ataa market in Kadhimiya place, he noted that good products will be expensive certainly it from international origins but also in all countries of the world there are expensive clothes and cheap considerations you you know, and corrects and says: «but the majority of people with limited income, especially if they have a number of kids prefer cheap clothes and rightly so, but such clothing does not last long, as well as that of the place of many disbursements including the existence of workers and operation generated during electricity, rent, income tax and all these disbursements collected from the clothing of all kinds interruption » .

And it confirms the shop owner (laughing), that «everything I had saved the family gonna take them».

As unscientific one of the ladies in the shop said: Some of the staff and workers did not receive their salaries months ago what they say to their children at the feast? ».

Buy sacrificial animals
Initiated many citizens to purchase sacrificial animals ahead of the Eid al-Adha period for quite some time because they knew high price in the days of the feast, and assured them that the increase in livestock prices has become unbearable, and with the increasing numbers of martyrs in this year, which means more erosion sacrifice and suffering of a new high sacrifice rates, as well as sacrificial pilgrims coming from the Holy Land after the completion of ceremony and ritual of the pilgrimage.

Livestock sellers explained that the sales movement is very slow due to higher livestock prices across the provinces ranging sheep price between 200-500 thousand dinars, while the cows were up prices than a million and a half million dinars to four and a half million, and perhaps say the smuggling of cattle out Iraq and the lack of pasture due to drought and low river levels, desertification and rising feed prices and the lack of vaccines for diseases prevalent combined have led to higher prices.

And it increases the breeders of sheep and cows: the reason for the high prices of sacrificial animals is because of the large displacement and displacement and that the three provinces occupied, which specializes in animal and especially the province of Mosul to now occupied by Daash wealth.

Terms of sacrificial animals and the Islamic law dictated that the sacrifice be safe from diseases and disabilities and to be more than a year old one. And assert that the sales movement increases in the first and second day of the feast, not a few days before him, however, deliberately some families to buy a sacrifice and reared by a period of Eid date of this if the homes of gardens and outdoors, but mostly the houses space now some of them no more than fifty meters where cattle are raised?

Klijh feast
Indicate Salwa Ahmed housewife (40 years) that Klijh feast has a special taste different from all Klijh other and perhaps it holds our memories of sweet childhood, Alklijh Indian naming calling pastry came to us after the entry of large numbers of Indian soldiers with the British occupation of Iraq during the war The first Global 1914, and is famous for its all Iraqi cities and flavor vary from one city to another and according to Hacutea of ​​complementary materials for its industry.

Continues to Salwa: «being prepared by the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha blessed very few days later, one of the things necessary supplies and complementary to preparations families for Christmas and can not be dispensed with, in addition to being a necessary material in the feast breakfast has created conditions before they are a tradition popularly, where before Contracts were furnaces and bakery owners shut their shops on the first day of the festival are also celebrating this occasion, so forced the family to find a pastry shop replace the bread at the breakfast table so it was necessary preparation.

In the eyes of Mohammed (owner oven) 59-year-old, that his work is increasing momentum the closer the days events and holidays, as families begin to prepare (trays) Alklijh and brought to the furnaces for the purpose of grilling, Mstrsla his speech by saying: The workers in the oven scans or paint trays textured oil well to avoid the adhesion of candy during a barbecue inside the oven, where we are keen to Chiha well thus graduated appetite, as we receive during these days specifically many numbers of trays, this dessert and of all sizes where increasing hours worked dramatically, but it does not deter us from continuing what we have been it It is the happiness of the Iraqi family.

The dignified citizenship Mohammed (housewife), they share other views in the candy industry and prepared by the popular traditions and says: famous areas Baghdadi as well as popular ones preparing these sweets days events and presented to the guests, and add cream that Alklijh requirements are high price is the other including cardamom and (meet her needs), a Bharat Alklijh as well as milk and dates with the dates that we are the first country so dates entered in most pastries.

Dignified and indicate that due to visit graves and Eid al-Adha in the number of martyrs has increased this year in the holocaust of war or terrorism Hsdthm hand and usually visit

The first day of the feast, where crowded cemeteries women who weep and cry dear departed.

Barber feast
Bashar - shop owner for Hlaqh- is keen to continue his work, which extends until the late hours of the night because of the turnout witnessed by his salon holidays and special occasions days specifically before, says: before the holidays solutions to increase the influx of customers extensively to the barber shop in a popular tradition we live today and lived by us Many people, as well as witnessing the women's hair salons women flocked to either hair dye or cut.

Thus, everyone is preparing to welcome Eid, wishing that God preserves home.