"Daash" begin the transfer of prisoners and the evacuation of its bases south of Mosul

Khandan - military official that the organization "Daash" The terrorist began the transfer of all prisoners and the evacuation of its headquarters and camps of weapons and materiel of all in terms of both Qayyarah and Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul revealed. Brigadier Thanon Sabawi from the Second Division of the Iraqi army that the elements of the "Daash" breached base hand Qayyarah and three secret prisons in hand Hamam Al-Alil south of Mosul of the prisoners against the background of preparations secret for the start of the military for the Liberation of the process of Mosul after the control of Iraqi security forces, most of Baiji, south of Mosul areas. Sabawi said in comments carried by the newspaper "Al Quds Al Arabi" remarks that among the prisoners, officers in the army and the police and tribal leaders and civilians and staff who were all in a wheel to Daash to unknown destinations. And that organization cleared the time the same all headquarters and camps of weapons and ammunition from inside my part Qayyarah and Hamam al-Alil. and at the same level, an official security source in Nineveh police also reported that elements of the "Daash "proceeded to blow up runway fully Mosul airport in anticipation of any nearby military operation in the south of Mosul aviation area. Brigadier-General Mohammed al-Jubouri said that" Daash "the oldest on the booby-trapping the entire runway Mosul International Airport and blown it once to deny the security and military elements to take advantage of the airport in the event of the start of the process starting Military anticipated.He pointed out that al-Jubouri, the oldest organization to blow up the runway completely against the backdrop of the arrival of intelligence information the possibility of landing dozens of aircraft during the upcoming security operation to crack down on elements of the organization in the city.